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One of the strange things about innovation is that it happens in plain sight, whilst most people are looking the other way.

After watching Seth Godin’s talk on TED I realised some of the most basic things that we now consider as every day essentials to modern life, started out as the innovative ideas that we at first..ignored!

As Seth mentions in his talk sliced bread was an absolute failure for a number of years until someone found a way spread the idea that sliced bread was a good thing.

You see it wasn’t that sliced bread was amazing it was the "idea" that sliced bread was something new and remarkable.

This tells us a lot about innovation and what it isn’t; in my view innovation isn’t a remarkable a idea but rather a remarkable idea that has caught on to the masses.

This happens for a simple reason, attention.

When innovative new processes or technologies are developed we are often looking elsewhere for the next big thing, not realising that its right in front of us, however as it doesn’t fit the picture what we think it should have or come from an obvious place or field...we ignore it.

As a result we wait for the time when an idea gains recognition, acceptance and respect among the growing masses and becomes part of the fabric of our everyday lives.

Nearly a year ago I developed a technology that allowed messages to enter the unconscious and create lasting change in less than 3 minutes, I call it Auto-Conditioning Subliminals and what they do is change aspects of the decision making part of the mind.

Does it work? Yes, is it remarkable yes, has it gained widespread acceptance no...not yet, why? It isn’t an idea that has caught on to the masses, most probably due to the less than dubious reputation that subliminals have in the minds of people.

But this and other examples proves my point about innovation, it isn’t remarkable until everyone agrees it is.


T. D. McKenzie is a trainer, coach, author and personal growth pioneer and also the founder, CEO of TD McKenzie Training and the creator of the membership site My Easy Goals™.