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The New York Times article on redesigned milk jugs puts a spotlight on one of the ways Wal-Mart continues adopting green practices. Last year the company announced it was going to encourage product manufacturers to use greener packaging. Here is the proof that this move has worked. I hope Wal-Mart continues this movement, encouraging further greening of products.

I remember when I picked up the redesigned Poland Spring bottle or the sleeker Coke bottle. These things impressed me. Some companies were actually focusing on sustainability. What amazes me is that more have not. Saving the earth may not be the best reason for changing your business, but saving green-backs provides a pretty good argument.

And the fact that Wal-Mart needs to push this shows that most companies just haven't considered the possibility. Many companies get stuck in a routine and do not consider changing their fundamental strategies. Maybe stories such as the milk jugs will inspire executives to think about sustainable packaging. Exploring possibilities never hurt anyone.