Here’s what Big Tech companies paid their average worker last year

Google, Facebook, and Twitter paid a median salary of above $230,000 per year.

Here’s what Big Tech companies paid their average worker last year
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The Wall Street Journal has compiled an interesting dataset that reveals what the median average salary of workers at most S&P 500 companies was for 2021. The figures ranged from almost $300,000 per year to a low of $7,400.


Unsurprisingly, Big Tech companies were among those who paid workers the most. In total, almost 150 companies paid their workers a median income of $100,000, while 44 companies in the sample paid their workers less than $30,000 per year.

Here’s how the pay at the major tech companies ranks in The Wall Street Journal’s list, which used data collected by MyLogIQ LLC.

  1. Alphabet (Google): $295,884 (#1 overal)
  2. Facebook (Meta): $292,785 (#2 overall)
  3. Twitter: $232,626 (#7 overall)
  4. Etsy: $231,338 (#8 overall)
  5. Nvidia: $217,542 (#9 overall)
  6. Netflix: $201,743 (#14 overall)
  7. Citrix Systems: $201,540 (#15 overall)
  8. $181,612 (#24 overall)
  9. Intuit: $176,342 (#28 overall)
  10. Autodesk: $137,042 (#60 overall)

The Wall Street Journal says that overall the median pay for employees rose at 278 of the 453 S&P 500 companies the publication has data for.


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