Kitchen gifts for every chef, according to Spicewalla employees

Whether for a burgeoning home chef or one perfecting their latest TikTok recipe, these gifts will delight the culinary maven in your life.

Kitchen gifts for every chef, according to Spicewalla employees
[Photo: courtesy Food52]

As employees of a purveyor of ethically sourced and chef-curated herbs, spices, and seasonings, Spicewalla’s staff know what works in the kitchen. To tap into their expertise, we reached out to ask the Spicewalla team for some gifts they would want in their kitchen—great for the culinarily inclined on your list.


[Photo: courtesy Food52]
Dansk Kobenstyle Butter Warmer—$85
Dansk is one of my favorite cookware brands because their products are equally smart and stunning. This 1-quart saucepan is the perfect size for melting butter or making caramel or elegant soups and sauces. Bonus: the lid doubles as a trivet! They come in several colors but lavender is my personal fave. —Alyse Baca, culinary director

[Photo: courtesy Terrain]
Ceramic Pinch Bowls—$24
These prep bowls make cooking so much easier! I also love to pair them with my charcuterie board by adding dips or herbed olive oil. Perfect for the avid at-home cook or your favorite hostess. —Malorie Burden, product onboarding manager

2-slice Panini Press and Indoor Grill—$34
To be honest I’ve never been much of a sandwich person, so this actually sat in our pantry for about a year before I first tried it. After some fun trial and error attempting to recreate a local plantain breakfast taco, I discovered it makes a perfect, chewy sweet potato tortilla. Of course you could make a panini too, but why settle when you can have mouthwatering breakfast tacos instead? —Erika Covey, finance and systems assistant


[Photo: courtesy Hay]
Hay Sowden Kettle—$125
Yes, you can buy an electric kettle for a lot less, but I mean—if something is going to be sitting out on my counter all the time, I’d really prefer it be stunning. This is my plight in life, and I know I’m not alone. For the other design-obsessed folks on your list, this gorgeous kettle from truly-always-nails-the-color-palette Hay would be such a sweet treat to open on Christmas morning. —Heidi Gruner, design director

[Photo: courtesy Vejibag]
VejiBag Vegetable Storage Variety Pack—$66
Is there anything worse than fresh herbs or veggies going bad before you are ready to use them? These have changed my refrigerator game. —Lindsey Hogan, production manager assistant

Threshold Wood 3-Tier Expandable Spice Rack—$18
I love my spice rack because it keeps all my spices and blends organized and ready to use. Seeing my spices on display inspires me to make exciting meals that are full of flavor! —Malorie Burden, product onboarding manager


[Photo: courtesy Whirley]
Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Maker—$34.95
Have you ever had a popcorn buffet? Well, you should—there’s just something magic about Peanut M&M’s mixed into a handful of fresh popcorn. Quick tip—use ghee as your heating oil for a cleaner burn while popping. —Erika Covey, finance and systems assistant

The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen Cookbook—$34.95
Of all of my cherished cookbooks, this is the one I come back to most often as a celebration of Native American culture, stories, and food. —Emily Wimberly, creative media specialist and nonprofit coordinator

[Photo: courtesy Sur La Table]
Anova Precision Cooker Pro—$199.50
After taking one of my family member’s advice a couple of years ago, I invested in a sous vide machine. Tired of overcooking that pricy wild-caught fish, or not getting the desired temperature on your dad’s steak? Ask no more. This puppy is like the chef’s crockpot. Whatever ingredient you are cooking, you just put it in a bag with your marinade/spices, add it to the water bath, and just walk away. You can even control it by bluetooth. Yes, please! —Josh Sapp, fulfillment manager


Escali Primo Digital Scale—$39.95
This is among my most beloved kitchen tools. From making the perfect pour-over coffee to feeding a sourdough starter, my digital scale is always within arm’s reach. Escali scales are durable, reliable, and have so many fun colors to choose from. A perfect gift for the baker in your life. —Alyse Baca, culinary director

CucinaPro Pizzelle Waffle Maker—$49.99
Making pizzelle every Christmas has been my favorite tradition since I was a little kid because it meant lots of time in the kitchen and lots of thin, crispy, delicious cookies lying around. My Italian-born grandma bought me this iron years ago, and it never has done me wrong. —Emily Wimberly, creative media specialist and nonprofit coordinator

[Photo: courtesy Food52]
Five Two Wooden Spoons—From $25
I love giving wooden spoons as gifts because they are beautiful and last a long time. These teak spoons from Food52 are lightweight, sturdy, and just plain gorgeous. —Alyse Baca, culinary director


Kai USA Multipurpose Kitchen Shears — $39.99
Shears are normally something that gets overlooked in a beginning chef’s setup, but having a good pair that you can rely on really makes a difference when you need it. These shears can be used to trim vegetables, open packages, crack nuts, lift lids, and whatever else a knife can’t accomplish—and they stay sharp. —Joey Leccese, process manager

[Photo: courtesy Estelle]
Estelle Colored Glass Stemless Wine Glasses—$160
I hesitated to highlight these because it’s a pretty high price point, BUT, if you have the budget, this glassware is so stunning. While I do not own these myself, I truly think about it regularly (every time I drink out of my pathetic, clear wine glasses—the shame!). Described as “jewels for your table,” this six-glass set would make such a special gift for the entertainer on your list. —Heidi Gruner, design director

[Photo: courtesy OXO]
OXO Hand-Held Spiralizer—$16.99
There are numerous different models of spiralizers out there but this one does the trick. Awhile back, being on a health craze, I was looking into fun different ways to incorporate veggies into dishes. This tool makes it so you can turn squash, zucchini, carrots, etc. into noodles. Not only does it not clutter up the kitchen but it comes at an affordable price. Spaghetti night just got a whole lot healthier. —Josh Sapp, fulfillment manager


Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven—From $64.90
I never knew how badly I needed one of these until I purchased one for myself. Need something to fry, broil, sauté, braise, bake, roast, etc. in? Look no further than this enameled Dutch oven from Lodge. This will become a year-round workhorse in the burgeoning home chef’s kitchen, guaranteed! —Joey Leccese, process manager

[Photo: courtesy Hay]
Hay Sowden Salt and Pepper Grinder—$40
As you might imagine, we’re big on seasoning in my kitchen. Instead of the pre-ground stuff, we get whole peppercorns and large-grain salt so that we can grind it specifically for the dishes we have in mind, keeping the flavors fresh, and texture on point. These grinders fit perfectly in my kitchen with their sleek forms and pops of color. Simple yet, elegant and fun. —Lauren Van Epps, marketing director

Zulay Kitchen Milk Frother with Stand—$21.99
I’ve recently decided that morning drinks should be more fun. I use this with my matcha and golden milk to give them more character or just with the almond milk in my coffee. —Lindsey Hogan, production manager assistant


[Photo: courtesy Fellow]
Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle—$79
I never knew how much better coffee could be until I got my Fellow Pour-Over Kettle. Sure, a coffee machine is fine and a French press will definitely do the trick, but if you want the perfect cup of coffee, take the time to bloom your coffee grounds with the pour-over method. Not only is this kettle beautiful, but its temperature gauge, ergonomic handle, and elegant gooseneck make it easy to use. Check out their electric version as well! —Lauren Van Epps, marketing director

Cheez-It Nude Drinking Glass—$20
I have been a fan of artist Molly Anne Bishop for a while now. She just released these sturdy drinking glasses, which are affordable, cute, and playful—aka the perfect thing for setting the table for your next dinner party. She also has frog fan drinking glasses that are equally adorable—if it were me, I would mix ‘n match. —Emily Wimberly, creative media specialist and nonprofit coordinator