LGBTQ employees are less satisfied at work, especially at Amazon and Walmart

According to a new Glassdoor report, LGBTQ employees rate their companies much lower than their non-LGBTQ counterparts.

LGBTQ employees are less satisfied at work, especially at Amazon and Walmart
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With Pride Month just a few days away, Glassdoor revealed its latest sentiment analysis of LGBTQ workers in a comprehensive report. The conclusion: They’re less satisfied with their employers than their non-LGBTQ counterparts.


Employees anonymously rated their companies across workplace factors such as:

  • Career opportunities
  • Compensation
  • Culture
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Senior leadership
  • Work–life balance

LGBTQ employees’ average overall company rating was 3.27 stars out of 5 as compared to 3.47 for non-LGBTQ employees. The biggest issue is with senior leadership, which rated 2.88 stars, followed by career opportunities at 3.03 out of 5 stars.

In case you were wondering which big-name employers earned the lowest ratings by their LGBTQ workers, here is how they ranked by both cohorts of employees:

  1. Walmart: 2.70 vs. 3.20
  2. Wells Fargo: 2.65 vs. 3.27
  3. Amazon: 2.85 vs. 3.45
  4. Walgreens: 3.19 vs. 2.97
  5. McDonald’s: 3.21 vs. 3.14
  6. Home Depot: 3.29 vs. 3.67
  7. Kroger: 3.29 vs. 3.20
  8. Target: 3.31 vs. 3.67
  9. Starbucks: 3.56 vs. 3.85
  10. Apple: 4.14 vs. 4.05

Interesting to note that both Apple and Kroger got higher marks from their LGBTQ workers. For the former, it may be that Tim Cook sets the tone for his senior leadership, and the cultural impact of having a gay CEO trickles down through the organization.


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