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Swinging Success

A great quote, paraphrased from San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, via the blog of the guy behind Pursue the Passion:

"A sculptor had a large stone that he wanted split down the middle.  He took a big swing with his hammer to meet the chisel with a vengeance, only to find the stone unaffected by his effort.  He repeated the process a thousand times, only to achieve the same undesirable result.  On the 1,001st time, the hammer swiftly met the chisel and the stone split perfectly into two equal halves.  A bystander told the sculptor that he must have put some extra effort into the 1,001 st attempt.  The sculptor replied, ‘I know it was not the 1,001st attempt that split the stone, but all the other times where I applied the same effort.  That set me up for success.’"