World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: Health Finalists and Honorable Mentions

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World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: Health Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Medical innovations that save lives, extend longevity, or increase access to care. Read about the winner, a high-tech bassinet that helped hospital maternity wards survive the pandemic.



Biotres, Biotricity
DeskView, InnoCaption
Edible bar codes, TruTag
#FlipYourScrip, RemediChain
FOLX Health, FOLX Health
Healthdot, Philips Experience Design
HOPE InVent, FluidIQ
Jurata Thin Film, Jurata Thin Film
Luci, Luci
Materna Medical, Materna Medical
Moving Together, Together Senior Health
PaleoRestore, PaleoBiotica
Safer Childbirth Cities, Merck
The Jada System, Alydia Health
TrueLimb, Unlimited Tomorrow
TYRX Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope, Medtronic

Honorable Mentions

18Loop, 18Loop
AliveCor, AliveCor
Alma, Alma
Avail, Avail
Best Benefits, Centauri Health Solutions
Biosensor sticker to detect COVID-19, LogicInk
Birdie, Birdie
Blood collection kit, Weavr Health
Brain Health, Brain Health Network
Brazil Program, Health In Harmony
Bubbles Of Hope, HDR
Building H, Building H
Butterfly iQ+ Handheld Ultrasound, Butterfly Network
Circles, Modern Health
CO-Pilot, Nonin
Contactless Medication Management Service, Hero
COVID-19 Response, Zocdoc
CRISPR SARS-CoV-2 test, Sherlock Biosciences
Curative, Curative
CurePark, Galenagen
Dadi Kit, Dadi
Dascena, Dascena
Digital Twin of the Human Heart, Ansys and ADAS3D
Earli, Earli
Employer COVID-19 Testing Platform, Brio Systems
Fight Forever Chemicals Campaign, Participant
FreeStyle Libre 2, Abbott
GammaTile Therapy, GT Medical Technologies
HeartFlow Analysis, HeartFlow
HPV vaccine campaign, Girl Effect
Jamaa Birth Village Equal Access Midwifery Clinic, CannonDesign
KICK, KTH Technologies
Kvarøy Arctic Salmon, Kvarøy Arctic, LittleWins
Mantarray, Curi Bio
Micra AV Leadless Pacemaker, Medtronic
MicroMapping, Merck
MiSight Contact Lenses, CooperVision
Monument, Monument
MouthPeace Mini, MooseLabs
MY01, MY01
Mymee, Mymee
#Nowincluded, Acclinate
Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience, Nuance Communications
PatientPartner, Rightdevice
Pediatric leukemia research, Accenture and Fred Hutchinson Research Cancer Center, TpAML
Playwell, GameChanger
Prospera, Natera
ReFlow, Anuncia
Relationship Queens Bootcamp, Upstream Thinking
Remote Patient Monitoring, Current Health
Scribe Therapeutics, Scribe Therapeutics
Shark-Saving Vaccine Adjuvant, Amyris
Sight OLO, Sight Diagnostics
Silk Voice, Sofregen
SmartSuite, DrFirst
StationMD, StationMD
Stentrode Brain-computer Interface, Synchron
Swoop Portable MR Imaging System, Hyperfine
Tapestri Platform, Mission Bio
The Essential Mask Brace, Fix the Mask
The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and TOM:Tikkun Olam Makers
The TIME Trial Program, Tempus
UIC College of Medicine Surgery & Innovation Training Lab, University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine
Ukko, Ukko
Ventilator production mobilization, Medtronic
Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, SWORD Health
Vocable, Willowtree
VOX Ventilator, Fuseproject
VSTOne, VirtuSense Technologies
Wala Digital Health, Wala Digital Health
Whisper Hearing System, Whisper
Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Prevention Center, Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement
Xvision Augmented Reality Surgical Solution, Augmedics