World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: AI and Data Finalists and Honorable Mentions

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World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: AI and Data Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Projects that harness the power of data, machine learning, or artificial intelligence to understand the world and empower change. Read about the winner, a background check company that helps companies avoid bias in their hiring practices.



TruEra Model Intelligence Platform, TruEra
AMP Robotics AI Platform, AMP Robotics
AtomNet, Atomwise
Diversio, Diversio
EZ ZEUS, Phoenix Motorcars
Forager A.I., Brightseed
Genuity Science, Genuity Science
Let Sleeping Patients Lie, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research
Mantarray, Curi Bio
nferX, nference
Pulse, GHGSat
The AI Economist, Salesforce
The Trevor Project, The Trevor Project

Honorable Mentions

AI Bias Detection Solution, Sama
Autonomous EV network for ride-hailing, DiDi
BigUp.AI, AnalogFolk
BotSight, NortonLifeLock
BrightOS, BrightFarms
Chalmers, Ample Labs
CIBO Impact, CIBO Technologies
CNN 411, CNN
Cold Chain as a Service, Controlant
COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker Forecasting Tool, Cotiviti
Crisp, Crisp
Crowd-driven deforestation tracking, SAS
DataScale, SambaNova Systems
deceptionGUARD, GrayMatter
Deduce Customer Alerts, Deduce
Diablo Dam Digital Twin, HDR
Diagnostic Robotics, Diagnostic Robotics
DreamSave, DreamStart Labs
Eightfold AI for Veterans,
Ellis, Nova Credit
Fairband, Feedzai
Findability Sciences, Findability Sciences
Full Transparency by Verizon, Verizon
Fund 2,
Graphs 4 Covid-19, Neo4j
Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Honeywell
Immunai, Immunai
Kettle, Kettle
Levels, Levels Health
Lightmatter, Lightmatter
LunaDNA, LunaDNA
Machine-learning based medical imaging solution, Quantiphi
Milu, Milu
Owl Connect, Owl Labs
Peacebuilding Initiatives in Libya, United Nations Partners and Remesh
Pet Insight Project, Kinship
Plaid Exchange, Plaid
PlantView, Prospera Technologies
Precision Navigation, Health at Scale
Q Bio Scanner, Q Bio
Remote Soil Carbon Monitoring, Cloud Agronomics
RubiconSmartCity, Rubicon
SDG Action Manager, B Lab
SmartSuite, DrFirst
Standard, Standard
StuffThatWorks, StuffThatWorks
Suited, Suited
Suki, Suki AI
SurfaceDNA, VehicleDNA, and myVehicleDNA, Tactile Mobility
Syndromic Surveillance Solution, Premier
The Global Safety Net, One Earth
The Purple Hive Project, Thinkerbell
Thorn, SingleStore and Thorn
Thrive, Thrive
Titan FT-35, FarmWise Labs
TrialJectory, TrialJectory
Urbint Lens, Urbint
Vision Inspection Automation, Neurala
Voyager, 645 Venture
VSTOne, VirtuSense Technologies
Wellth, Wellth
Wildfire AI,
Zoox Autonomous Vehicle, Zoox