World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: On The Rise (0-4 Years In Business) Finalists and Honorable Mentions

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World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: On The Rise (0-4 Years In Business) Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Companies that have achieved incredible impact and have been in business under 4 years. Read about the winner, Bookshop, which helped independent bookstores make it through the pandemic.



3D Printed Homes, Mighty Buildings
ACRE, Modern Mill
Air Company, Air Company
Automated Beekeeping, Beewise
Boron Nitride Nanotubes, BNNT Technology Limited
CRISPR SARS-CoV-2 Test, Sherlock Biosciences
CZ Biohub COVID-19 Response Effort, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Ecolution KWH, Ecolution KWH
Eirtree Health, Eirtree Health
Ideal Switch, Menlo Micro
Mycocycle, Mycocycle
Remote Soil Carbon Monitoring, Cloud Agronomics
SambaNova Systems, SambaNova Systems
Solugen, Solugen
Stemloop, Stemloop
Tackle Ai, Tackle Ai
Vote Early Day, Vote Early Day
Watr, Watr
Xvision Augmented Reality Surgical Solution, Augmedics

Honorable Mentions

AcreTrader, AcreTrader
Adopt a Farmer, Progeny Coffee
Atticus, Atticus
Big Facts, Small Acts, Big Facts, Small Acts
BioSecurity Platform, ReturnSafe
Blankos Block Party, Mythical Games
Body scan jeans, Unspun
Brightline, Brightline
BringIt, BringIt
Command Center, Interplay Learning
Crave Collective, Crave Hospitality Group
DailyPay, DailyPay
Diversio, Diversio
Diversity Talks, Diversity Talks
Ecobot, Ecobot
Emme Smart Case, Emme
Employer COVID-19 Testing Platform, Brio Systems
FarmBox Foods, FarmBox Foods
Flutterwave Stores, Flutterwave
Hopin, Hopin
Hypersonix, Hypersonix
Icon Savings Plan, Icon Savings Plan
Kettle, Kettle
Laser Direct-Write Fabrication of Micro-electromechanical Systems, Atomic Machines
Levels, Levels Health
LITH, Africa, LITH Africa
Movement To #BEAT2020, Harappa Education
NutraFix, Edaphix
Olive Pro, Olive Union
Pixxel, Pixxel Space Technologies
Playback Health, Playback Health
Prota Fiori, Prota Fiori
Regenerative Travel, Regenerative Travel
RippleNami, RippleNami Uganda
Roam Wearable Tech, Roam Robotics
Self-Powered Home featuring DveleIQ, Dvele
SoLo, SoLo Funds
Spektra, Metawave
Spero, Spero Foods
Spot, Cortina Health
States United Democracy Center, States United Democracy Center
Stentrode Brain-computer Interface, Synchron
Strap, Strap Technologies
Studson SHK-1, Studson
Sunday Custom Lawn Care, Sunday
Syndio, Syndio
The Big Favorite, The Big Favorite
The Lettuce Grow Farmstand with Glow Rings, Lettuce Grow
Water-based fine fragrances inspired by Clean Beauty, Maison Sybarite
Whisper Hearing System, Whisper