The best gifts for fitness fanatics, according to employees at Whoop fitness tracking

A muscle massager, Hydro Flask, and at-home workout machine: These are among the best gifts for runners, lifters, and other workout warriors.

The best gifts for fitness fanatics, according to employees at Whoop fitness tracking
[Photos: courtesy Nike; Hydroflask; REI Co-Op]

The workout lovers in your life likely haven’t been to a gym in months. Why not gift them some fitness inspo this holiday season that will help liven up their at-home routine? We turned to the employees at Whoop, the high-tech fitness tracker that gives you data on your rest, recovery, and sleep time, to get some guidance on the best workout-related gifts they love to give or receive. These are their best ideas.

[Photo: courtesy HydroFlask]

HydroFlask 20 oz Wide Mouth – $38
I love my Hydro Flask water bottle: It keeps water cold for so long—including during an 8-hour hike in the New Mexico desert. And because it’s stainless steel, it’s very easy to clean. I’ve had mine for 5 years and it’s still good as new. —Emily Capodilupo, Vice President, Data Science and Research

[Photo: courtesy Bowflex]

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 – $1,700
I love my Bowflex Max Trainer 6. It’s BLE capable, so it links to my Whoop app, allowing me to record my workouts. Since COVID started, having an at-home mini-gym has been invaluable. — JP Underwood, Operations Manager

[Photo: courtesy Nike]

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 – $180
The Pegasus Turbo 2 is my favorite running shoe, especially for hard days. The foam is springy and easily absorbs impact while zooming around a track or down a road. —Josh Svoboda, Graphic Designer


Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $18
We spend lots of time on screens such as cell phones, computers, and TVs these days. Blocking the blue light can help with improving sleep-wake cycles. — Behnoosh Tavakoli, Director of Signal Processing

[Photo: courtesy REI Co-Op]

REI Co-op Flash 18 Pack – $40
The perfect pack to take skiing, day-hiking, adventuring. Super light with pockets, and holds a water reservoir! —Tanya Boulanova, Senior Agent, Software Specialist

[Photo: courtesy Headspace]

Headspace – $13 a month
I love Headspace because it provides a guided lesson plan to learn how to meditate effectively. This enables me to better adhere to more consistent sleep and wake times. —Mark Greene, VP of Software

[Photo: courtesy Bose]

Bose SoundSport wireless headphones – $130
I can’t run without my Bose Sport headphones—they stay in place so much better than other ones I’ve tried, and they have great battery life and great sound quality. —Emily Capodilupo, Vice President, Data Science and Research

Reebok Legacy Lifter Men’s Weightlifting Shoes – $200
Nothing beats a good pair of lifting shoes. If you’re someone who squats or competes in Olympic lifting, you’ll want a pair. The Reebok Legacy Lifters are high quality, provide great stability, and look great. —Brian Martins, Tech Lead Engineering

[Photo: courtesy Letsfit]

Letsfit Resistance Loop Exercise Bands – $8
These resistance loop bands are affordable and perfect for at-home workouts and stretching. Each band has a different resistance strength level and can be used for barre, pilates, HIIT, and stretching. They really upped my at-home workout game during quarantine!— Jaclyn Calovine, Senior Training & Development Specialist

[Photo: courtesy Hyperice]

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth – $400
After harder workouts, I can feel the difference the next morning. My Hyperice makes it just a little bit easier to push myself on that next training ride. —Mark Greene, VP of Software

[Photo: courtesy Beam]

The One CBD Oil – $150
BEAM is a Boston-based company committed to producing the best possible CBD products for a wellness-minded community. I put one dropper of “THE ONE” in my coffee every morning and feel more balanced and more capable to take on my day and perform well in my workouts. —Jaclyn Calovine, Senior Training & Development Specialist

[Photo: courtesy Dohm]

Dohm White Noise Machine – $45
The Dohm is essential to blocking out minor noise to help me fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer.  The sound is very natural, unlike many other white noise machines, and I Iove that you can customize the sound variations! —Ursula Nickerson, Senior Art Director


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