Gen Z hasn’t completely lost trust in their elders. Hollywood is another story

Say “OK boomer” to “OK boomer.” A new survey found that Gen Z trusts their elders more than the police, the government and even, yes, Hollywood.

Gen Z hasn’t completely lost trust in their elders. Hollywood is another story
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Say “OK boomer” to “OK boomer.”


Members of Gen Z trust their elders more than the police, the government, and even, yes, Hollywood.

A lot more than Hollywood, actually.

Morning Consult surveyed people ages 13-23 in April, May, and June and found that this demographic is losing faith in all major institutions in the United States. In June, 28% of Gen Z found older generations to be trustworthy versus, say, 13% in police and 10% in the U.S. government. Only 4% said the same of Hollywood.


Here’s a breakdown, based on how many of them said they trust various components of our society “a lot”:

  • Police—27% in April, 22% in May, and 13% in June
  • Healthcare system—30%, 27%, and 17%
  • State government—23%, 20%, and 14%
  • Military—29%, 25%, and 21%
  • Federal government—17%, 13%, and 10%
  • Public educational system—21%, 15%, and 14%
  • News media—14%, 9%, and 8%
  • Local government—22%, 19%, and 16%
  • Criminal justice system—15%, 11%, and 9%
  • U.S. Congress—15%, 10%, and 9%
  • “My elders”—33%, 30%, and 28%
  • U.S. Supreme Court—17%, 14%, and 13%
  • Big business or companies—10%, 7%, and 7%
  • Silicon Valley—7%, 6%, and 5%
  • Media—11%, 8%, and 9%
  • Wall Street—7%, 4%, and 5%
  • Hollywood—5%, 4%, and 4%

“Gen Z has a characteristically widespread distrust of those in power and a sense that the world isn’t fair,” wrote Victoria Sakal, Morning Consult’s managing director of brand intelligence. “Only 5 percent now strongly agree that the world is a fair place; since May, there’s been a 20 percentage point decrease in the share of this generation that trusts people in power to do the right thing given the events of the past few weeks.”

Helping to fuel that is the devastating worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the racial justice upheaval in this country, she explained.