Chef and cookbook author Alison Roman shares her essential kitchen gadgets

Here are the cooking tools that the creator of The Stew, The Cookies, and The Pasta can’t live without.

Chef and cookbook author Alison Roman shares her essential kitchen gadgets
[Photo: courtesy Le Creuset]

Chef, cookbook author, and writer Alison Roman’s viral recipes, first published in the New York Times and Bon Appetit, have inspired a frenzy of social media posts with hashtags including #thecookies, #thestew, and #the pasta. As the coronavirus quarantine turns us all into home cooks, the prom queen of instagram shared her favorite kitchen utensils, whether you’re cooking up recipes from her bestselling books, Dining In and Nothing Fancy, or creating something entirely your own.


Winco Fish Spatula

“I use this tool more than anything for flipping, turning, tossing. It’s kind of like tongs and a wooden spoon for me, in terms of practicality.”

Sheet Pans

“I use these for everything—baking, roasting, storage. I like the most basic version of these, and prefer to get them from restaurant supply stores because they tend to be more sturdy.”

[Photo: courtesy Le Crueset]

Le Creuset 5.5qt Dutch Oven

“This is a good size Dutch oven for the average household. There are a lot of Dutch ovens out there, and [getting the right one can come down to] personal preference or aesthetic. I am a classics person (i.e. all my jeans are Levi’s), so the round Le Creuset has my heart. It is also a good weight and comes in lots of sizes.”

[Photo: courtesy Bed Bath & Beyond]

Microplane Grater

“I use this to grate lemon zest, cheese, garlic, or jalapeños when I don’t want to chop. It doesn’t do everything, but it’s still an irreplaceable tool for me that I reach for often. “

[Photo: courtesy Chemex]


“I am in a highly caffeinated period of life right now, and something about the ritual of pour over gets me. I love my Chemex.”

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