World Changing Ideas Awards 2020: Students Finalists and Honorable Mentions

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World Changing Ideas Awards 2020: Students Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Projects in any category, created by undergraduate or graduate students. Read about the winner: a redesigned rape kit that aims to empower assault survivors.



Aicatcher, Deepak Mallya
Bootcamps for Change, Katie Heggtveit
Collective Obscura, Eleni Oikonomaki, Bryan Truitt, Rashad Timmons, and Lian Song
Cress Health, Michael Lai and Justin Kim
Durex: Hiding in Plain Sight, Matias Chiquis, Tuhin Phari, and Leonardo Fonseca
Equity for Artists, Amy Whitaker
Farror, Yumeng Ji, Andrea Kang, and Ke Hu
Form, Rachel Balma
Geoidentity, Giorgia Malandrino
Kiri, Nick Porfilio and Jacob Starley
M-Hair, Augmented Human Lab, University of Auckland
Oasis, Jay Jones
OceanCloud, Alice Sueko Müller
Pluto, Maxine Anderson, Michael Ioffe, Ryan Laverty, and Joseph Passanante

Honorable Mention

Animo, Sebastian Hunkeler
Blind Maps, Mriga Suchdeva and Saloni Mittal
Mercury OS, Jason Yuan and Dennis Jin
Museum of Tomorrow, Jessica Ho and Kejian Zhao
okaTrack, Christy Zhang, Hanna Lauterbach, and Chris Spaulding
Out of the Box, Yu Qian Ang and Klo’e Yim Chew Ng
Panic Aid, Hatem El Akad, Refaat Rico, Ahmed Radwan, and Abdo Soliman
Prospero, Samantha Chan, Suranga Nanayakkara, and Haimo Zhang
Tradicion Peruana Peruvian Hot Sauce, Antoinette Munoz and Brett Addington


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