Jerry Seinfeld, Janelle Monáe, and 97 other pop-culture musts for May

Get ready for new comedy from Patton Oswalt, the return of Alanis Morisette, Rick and Morty, and much more with your creative calendar for May.

Jerry Seinfeld, Janelle Monáe, and 97 other pop-culture musts for May

Once upon a time, the first weekend of May was meant to be the kickoff of Summer Movie Season. Grab a tub of oily popcorn, check your brain at the door—to make sure it works, because you’re gonna need that!—and settle in for some Black Widow, a film that was slated to open May 1.


Of course, Summer Movie Season is taking a corona-related mulligan this year. No one knows just when we’ll be seeing the further adventures of Natasha Romanoff, or any of the other movies originally slated for this month. (Would audiences have been powerless against Jon Stewart’s political comedy, Irresistible? We may never know!)

But just because we all have way bigger problems than not being able to go to the movies this May, doesn’t mean there isn’t a movie-shaped hole in America’s heart. Luckily, there’s plenty of good stuff to watch, read, and listen to this month at home—from the return of Rick and Morty to the Janelle Monáe-led second season of Homecoming on Amazon Prime—and we’ve got it all listed for you here in Fast Company’s creative calendar for May.

Have a look below and program your own quarantine film festival accordingly.

Movies to watch at home





  • All Adults Here by Emma Straub, May 4
  • Resistance by Tori Amos, May 5
  • East of Nowhere by Fabio Ponzio, May 5
  • The Paris Hours by Alex George, May 5
  • Devolution by Max Brooks, May 12
  • You’re Doing Great! by Tom Papa, May 12
  • Mom by Charlie Engman, May 19
  • Drifts by Kate Zambreno, May 19
  • These Women by Ivy Pochoda, May 19
  • Remain in Love by Chris Frantz, May 26
  • Modern Look: Photography and the American Magazine by Mason Klein, May 26
  • Girl Pictures by Justine Kurland, May 26

[Photo Illustration: Samir Abady; Space Force: Aaron Epstein/Netflix; The Eddy: Lou Faulon/Netflix; The Great: courtesy of Hulu; Betty: Alison Rosa/HBO; All Night and a Day: Matt Kennedy/Netflix; The Wrong Missy: Katrina Marcinowski/Netflix]