The best titles to stream on every platform in April

Rejoice! Here are 27 (great) new titles to watch for the next month of isolation.

The best titles to stream on every platform in April
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Although you may feel like you have exhausted every last resource of entertainment and quarantine relief that Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Disney Plus have to offer, we have a surprise. Praise to the streaming heavens, there are more good series, docs, dramas, and comedies to look forward to this month (which honestly, is likely to be the toughest of the pandemic yet). Here are 27 brand-new titles that are guaranteed to make passing the time just a little easier in April.



Last year’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture is finally available for streaming. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a brilliant film that chronicles a poor Korean family’s scheme to infiltrate the home of a wealthy family.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 & Volume 2
Quentin Tarantino’s most iconic movie-that-happens-to-be-broken-up-into-two-parts follows The Bride—a former assassin—as she seeks revenge on her former hit squad for turning her special day into the original “Red Wedding.”


Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who
This sassy and fun animated take on a Dr. Seuss classic follows Horton the elephant (brilliantly voiced by Jim Carrey) after he discovers an entire world exists on a speck of dust—and his quest to save it against all odds.

Risky Business
Ferris Bueller meets Pretty Woman. Never has a film about a 19-year-old running a brothel and falling in love with a prostitute delighted like Risky Business did. 

Before Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, there was Tobey Maguire, who graced us with Spider-Man (2002)—the beginning of the Spider Man trilogy.


The 2009 zombie apocalypse comedy—which stars Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, and Woody Harrelson—makes the end of the world funny again, one search for the last Twinkie on earth at a time.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?: Complete Season 4
If you’re into reality TV, then chances are that you’ve been hooked by 90 Day Fiancé—the series that brings foreign fiancés of American citizens to the U.S. on a 90-day visa. Each couple must decide to either marry or the non-U.S. citizen must return home. Sound appealing? You can binge the first four seasons on Hulu.

Love It or List It: Complete Season 14
A wholesome reality TV show classic from HGTV, Love It or List It follows homeowners and their very difficult decision to either stay in their renovated home, or list it and move on. And with 14 seasons now available, you have plenty of inspo for a little quarantine redecorating for your home.


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Community: Seasons 1-6
Craving a light, silly, and funny sitcom to forget about the world’s troubles (but you already finished The Good Place and Schitt’s Creek)? We recommend Community. It’s a show about a misfit group of adults all attending a community college in Colorado for a myriad of reasons that reads a little corny at times—but it’s also terrifically funny.


How to Fix a Drug Scandal
This Netflix original documentary is the platform’s follow-up to the culture-engulfing Tiger King, and it’s just as shocking, staggering, and infuriating. It’s also smarter—thanks to an unflinching look at what happens when the justice system fails from the inside out.

Minority Report
A suspenseful action thriller from Steven Spielberg, this Tom Cruise classic follows an unsuspected criminal in a time when crimes can be predicted before they are committed.

Meet (or reacquaint yourself with) Angelina Jolie at her most badass in this spy thriller that follows a CIA agent on a (very action-packed) mission to clear her name. 


Sherlock Holmes
April 4 was Robert Downey Jr.’s birthday, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a viewing of Sherlock Holmes, the rock ‘n’ roll version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s title character hanging out with Jude Law solving mysteries and providing us with action-packed diversions. 

The Hangover
Yes, the debaucherous, ridiculous, and hilarious film that launched Zach Galifianakis’s career, taught us that tigers hate cinnamon (knowledge Tiger King could never pass down), and that you should never go missing from your own Vegas bachelor party. 

The Social Network
In case you forgot, director David Fincher warned us of Mark Zuckerberg’s coldhearted ways—and Jesse Eisenberg got the pitiless demeanor *just* right—long before he appeared before Congress in this Academy Award-winning film.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower
A coming-of-age film that focuses on the sad, triumphant, traumatic, and empowering, this film goes beyond the teenage tropes that we’re so familiar with.  

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
This cerebral horror film from the production house that does it best—A24—will keep your mind turning and your guts uneasy (if you weren’t already feeling that way), with its tinges of revenge, sacrifice, and impossible choices that are truly brutal to make.

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The Kids Are All Right
Nominated for four Academy Awards, this 2010 gem of a movie is a refreshing, messy, real take on a modern family’s story.

Slumdog Millionaire
This Best Picture winner has all of the components of a good movie: a story of long-lost love rediscovered, resilience, and a make-it-or-break-it moment.


Sophie’s Choice
A classic tearjerker if you’ve seen it—a classic tearjerker to-be if you haven’t. Meryl Streep is absolutely mesmerizing as Sophie, a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, who harbors an unbearable secret.

Good Boys
No, this is not a kids’ movie. In fact, this raunchy comedy (that counts Seth Rogen as a producer) is actually rated R—and is bound to get a few laughs as three preteen boys embark on a massive misadventure before their first “kissing party.”

The Nice Guys
You wouldn’t expect Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe to share the silver screen as a law enforcement officer and private eye who end up in the seedy underworld of L.A. in 1977, but here they are. And it’s great.


This HBO Original series premieres on April 12—and promises to be a good one (as it’s from the same team that created Fleabag). The dark comedy plot follows two people who leave their lives as they know it and meet on a train after texting each other one word: “run.”

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Disney Plus


Onward, the latest feature from Disney and Pixar, just barely made it to theaters—and now here it is in your home. The story follows two elf brothers who get to spend a day with their late father.

If there was ever a documentary that felt like a fairy tale, it’s Penguins—which follows one Adélie penguin on his mission to find love and build a home of his very own.

Fish Hooks (Seasons 1-3)
This silly show—about three fish best friends at Freshwater High who navigate their teenage challenges together—is bound to bring at least a little joy to your family.


A Tale of Two Critters
This 1977 Disney featurette follows the unlikely bond between a bear cub and a raccoon—heartwarming and adorable.

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