This week’s best ways to upskill and get credentialed online during coronavirus

This week’s best ways to upskill and get credentialed online during coronavirus
[Photo: Lucas Sankey/Unsplash]

Now that you’re home all the time, think of it as a career opportunity: Why not upskill or bag a certification? In a spiraling economy, upskilling increases your chances at landing your next gig and demonstrates your proactivity. Here are the best opportunities that you can zip through before summer:

This Week’s Summits

  • OutThinker Virtual Summit. Today and tomorrow: top business minds around the world discuss innovation. $99.
  • Adobe Summit.The usually pricey conference kicked off last week online—and over 100 sessions on all things digital and business are online. Free.
  • The Customer Validation Conference. Learn all about continuous product testing and customer engagement in two dozen on-demand sessions. Free.

Bone up on leadership skills

MIT’s free class on Organizational Leadership and Change is a perennial favorite, or you can enroll in one of the pricey-but-useful online leadership and management certifications such as Wharton’s ($3,600).

Go Ivy

Stanford and Harvard offer dozens of paid credential programs alongside thousands of free online professional classes.

Teach yourself to code

Code school is not always the best option. Here’s Lifehacker’s guide to finding a curriculum that meets your learning style and budget.

Get certified

To figure out what certifications make sense for you, do three things:

  1. Google your field and “what certification should I get?”
  2. Ask your favorite HR person, and email a couple professional associations (though be aware that the association may nudge you toward its own programs).
  3. Ask yourself, What is a problem that many organizations need to solve asap?

Current can’t-go-wrong options are data science and risk management credentials, or certificates in highly used software (such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce, Hubspot, Facebook), or essential expertise (project management, routing, design). Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and many others offer hundreds of certifications. Many professional association websites are also offering low-cost certification and webinar programming during the coronavirus pandemic.