Here are all the studio movies hitting streaming platforms early because of the coronavirus

Here are all the studio movies hitting streaming platforms early because of the coronavirus
[Photos: Birds of Prey: curtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics; EMMA.: courtesy of Focus Features/Box Hill Films; The Invisible Man: courtesy of Universal Pictures; The Hunt: Patti Perret/Universal Pictures]

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. Practicing social distancing for many Americans means staying indoors and figuring out how to stay sane and entertained. And with cinemas closed, enjoying a new movie means streaming. Some movie studios have responded to the coronavirus crisis by making several recent movies available for streaming on platforms like Amazon and iTunes much more quickly than the usual three-to-six month post-theatrical release window. Some films are still in theaters. Even Disney put Frozen II on Disney Plus three months earlier than expected.


(On a related note, Movies Anywhere, a free app that combines users’ digital movie collections purchased from various services like iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, is rolling out a new beta feature that allows users to share certain films with friends and family.)

Studios are making announcements almost daily, so check back here as we update this list. Here are all the major movies arriving on streaming early during the coronavirus crisis. Films are organized by availability date.

March 20

The Invisible Man
The in-name-only remake of the Universal classic based on HG Wells’ science fiction novel, with a surprising techie twist.

The Hunt
Craig Zobel’s controversial horror film pitting elites against deplorables.

A fresh, “rock-star” adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel.

March 24

Birds of Prey
The Harley Quinn Suicide Squad spinoff.

The Gentlemen
Guy Ritchie’s latest crime caper.

April 10

Trolls World Tour
The newest film from DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls franchise hits VOD  the same day it was expected to debut in theaters.