The exact days all year that workers are least motivated

Spoiler alert: They’re most likely in April, May, and October.

The exact days all year that workers are least motivated
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Is it one of those days?


The kind of day where you find yourself staring desperately at a blank screen willing words to come out? Or a spreadsheet? Or an unsanded table? Whatever your work equivalent may be, the point remains, some days getting work done feels impossible.

Good news for you (and bad news for bosses), you’re not alone. Across the country when you’re feeling the laziest at work, so is everyone else. We analyzed our website traffic to find the days when people want to work the least.

The results? Laziness is more than just a mood–it’s a pandemic.

These are the laziest days of the year

  • Six of the 10 laziest days are a Monday. The other four? Tuesdays.
  • April, May, and October are the three laziest months of the year
  • Two of the laziest days of the year, October 28 and 29, occur back to back. Either people really look forward to Halloween on the 31st, or it’s been a while since summer vacations, and they’re starting to get antsy.
  • April 22 and 23 also make the top 10. Since Easter is on the 21st, we can only guess Easter egg hunts make people profoundly unmotivated.
  • Mondays are the least motivated day of the week, with 20% of total traffic.

How we measured lack of motivation

For this data, we turned to our own website traffic. We analyzed traffic patterns and visitors to our article on “How To Overcome No Motivation At Work.” People who land on this article are googling terms like “no motivation to work” and “no desire to work.” In other words, these people are the perfect candidates for gauging when the most people are feeling the laziest or least motivated.

This article had relatively flat month-over-month visits with no dramatic traffic fluctuations. This made identifying the least motivated days pretty simple—we simply found the 10 days with the most visitors for all of 2019.


The top 10 least productive days of 2019

October 29, 2019–Tuesday

April 22, 2019–Monday

April 29, 2019–Monday

November 11, 2019–Monday

April 23, 2019–Tuesday


May 20, 2019–Monday

May 28, 2019–Tuesday

October 15, 2019–Tuesday

April 8, 2019–Monday

October 28, 2019–Monday


Monday and Tuesday dominate this list. That makes sense because according to our data, Monday is the least motivated day of the week, responsible for 20% of all visitors.

Motivation builds back slowly throughout the week (or people at least being far less concerned about their lack of motivation later in the workweek.) The all-time low is on Saturday where no one feels guilty for their sloth.

However, there is a strong month correlation as well. Four of the days are in April, and three are in October.

Lack of motivation happens to everyone. However, it is not as random or sporadic as it might feel. Day of the week and time of year play a large role in motivation (or lack thereof!)

So next time you’re struggling to get work done, just remind yourself, it’s not your fault, it might just be a Monday. Shoot, laziness can even be a good thing. Humans aren’t robots after all and aren’t meant to focus monotonously focus on tasks. Maybe next time you’re scrambling to finish that procrastinated spreadsheet at the end of the day, you’ll think of a better, faster way to update it.


Now, if you struggle to get anything done at work most days, that is different. Maybe consider getting a job a little more rewarding or intellectually stimulating.

This article originally appeared on Zippia and is reprinted with permission.