These are the most innovative security companies of 2020

This year’s honorees include HackerOne, Immuta, and BlackRidge Technology.

These are the most innovative security companies of 2020

This year’s Most Innovative Companies in security ensure the latest data protection technologies are in place across the computing world. Some, like HackerOne, Immuta, ClearData, and BitSight, help businesses deliver the level of security and privacy they promise consumers, while others like Eclypsium and BlackRidge Technology focus on bringing protections to new types of technology entirely.


1. HackerOne

For pairing hackers with banks, governments, and other major companies to test and fix security

HackerOne, an industry leader in bug bounty management, launched new features this year to help companies enlist only vetted hackers to probe their systems for vulnerabilities. It’s paid out millions in bug bounties and saw several hackers cross the million-dollar mark in 2019.

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2. Immuta

For putting user data behind privacy screens

Immuta helps companies store and analyze data in a way that safeguards user privacy. It’s helping big organizations comply with GDPR, the California privacy law and similar regulations.

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3. Jumbo Privacy

For adjusting internet privacy settings with one simple app

Jumbo takes often confusing and intimidating privacy settings from multiple services and melds them into one, easy-to-understand app. The company is committed to keeping users in control, not relying ads and storing data on user devices.

4. Quantum Xchange

For extending the range of its virtually uncrackable secure communication system


Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a physics-backed way of configuring computers to speak to each other securely, while making it virtually impossible for anyone to eavesdrop undetected—but it relies on specialized, short range networks and hardware to communicate necessary data. Quantum Xchange is an industry leader and in 2019 developed a way to offer secure key distribution outside the range of its growing QKD network.

5. BitSight

For developing tools to help executives evaluate the strength of their digital security compared with peers

Companies naturally want to understand and minimize their digital security risk, but this can be hard for executives to measure without detailed, specialized knowledge. In 2019, BitSight introduced tools to help companies compare their risk levels to industry peers, and determine which units within a business introduce security risk, and why.


6. Kount

For using AI to help merchants detect fraudulent purchases

Kount launched a new AI system in 2019 to help merchants detect probable fraudulent purchases in real time. This includes situations where elderly and vulnerable people are tricked into buying gift cards for fraudsters, a rapidly growing problem.

7. Eclypsium

For fortifying firmware


If firmware, the ultra-low-level software embedded within computing chips, is compromised, the whole system can be compromised. Eclypsium launched a platform in 2019 to prevent against these kinds of attacks, and discovered a number of vulnerabilities in real-world systems.

8. ClearData

For helping healthcare organizations locate and protect their records stored in the cloud

Recent ProPublica reports say many healthcare organizations don’t even fully understand where confidential patient data is located in the cloud. ClearDATA released a new product in 2019 to help providers find this information. A second product helps customers verify data is securely stored in the cloud, generating alerts when it’s not.


9. Checkr

For making background checks for clients like Uber more sensitive to new offenses—and forgiving of old ones

Checkr, a background check provider, introduced a feature in 2019 to help clients like Uber learn of new charges against employees and contractors. It also emphasizes not automatically rejecting applicants because of a charge or conviction, especially an older one, important in the “ban the box” era.

10. BlackRidge Technology

For figuring out how to retrofit aging equipment and technology with new security


Securing old internet technology that predates modern fears about hacking is a perennial problem, and BlackRidge has come up with a clever way to retrofit security to old internet protocols to authenticate systems even before two computers open a connection to each other. Launched in 2019, the system can control access to critical systems like industrial equipment, while maintaining compatibility with existing network devices.

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