The 10 most innovative logistics companies of 2020

From Footprint’s compostable packaging to Target’s same-day delivery, these companies are pioneering new methods to conquer some vexing complexities.

The 10 most innovative logistics companies of 2020

As companies’ supply chains and customer bases grow increasingly global, some of the best logistical solutions are being pioneered by nontraditional players. Attabotics’ robotic systems allows warehouses to move closer to the communities they serve; Target is using its massive retail footprint to solve for last-mile delivery; and Olam International’s AtSource platform is bringing unprecedented transparency to the agricultural supply chain. Here are the companies leveraging logistics to transform industries.


1. Attabotics

For saving thousands of square feet in warehouse space

Inspired by the framework of ant colonies, this automation company transforms the rows and aisles of a typical warehouse into a single, vertical storage structure that’s modular and scalable—and it uses robots to store and retrieve items for box packers. It estimates that it’s reduced warehouse space by 85% for companies in beauty and luxury goods, food, beverage, medical supplies, and more.

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2. Footprint

For making compostable, recycled packaging solutions for everything from TVs to frozen dinners

By engineering containers out of biodegradable molded fibers that can outperform plastics, this company is helping major businesses such as ConAgra and Tyson eliminate packaging that contains harmful “forever chemicals.”

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3. Target

For using retail stores to make same-day delivery its most appealing (and profitable) online-shopping option

As retailers scramble to compete with Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping standard, Target is using its massive store presence to its advantage—reporting a surge in digital sales in 2019, most of which came from same-day services (including delivery, curbside, and in-store pickup options).

4. Tradeshift

For detecting social risks, such as child labor, in supply chains


This fast-growing company offers a variety of solutions to facilitate supply-chain payments, procurement, and more. It also has a suite of apps that allow companies to do such things as detect—in real time—the labor and social risks at every level of the supply chain, one of several ways that Tradeshift brings much-needed transparency about contractors and subcontractors in different parts of the world.

5. Olam International

For connecting Big Food with 110,000-plus sustainable farmers

This impressive company helps facilitate the global trade in sustainable agri-products and brings transparency to the supply chain. It’s already having a major impact in certain sectors of the agricultural economy.


6. Flowspace

For offering small businesses small-scale warehousing and fulfillment so they can keep up with e-commerce giants

This company revolutionized warehouse management in a way that allows even small businesses to fulfill orders from around the world in just days—and it’s growing fast.

7. Controlant

For monitoring refrigerated products—from food to pharmaceuticals—throughout the shipping process


In the wake of Chipotle’s food safety crisis, this is the company that stepped in with its unique cold-chain solution to improve the management of its supply chain of temperature-sensitive ingredients and food products. It has also helped pharmaceutical enterprises reduce millions of dollars’ worth of waste.

8. Command Alkon

For modernizing the construction industry with a material management platform

This company’s platform is helping the construction industry finally jump into the 21st century by enabling efficient transactions between suppliers, contractors, inspectors, etc. It’s also advanced sustainability solutions by partnering with green-tech companies that are removing CO2 from the atmosphere and injecting it into concrete.


9. Omnichain Solutions

For employing blockchain to track CPG supply chains

Utilizing blockchain to facilitate supply chain management, this company’s tech has enabled retailers and brands to track all their goods manufactured, shipped, and sold.

10. Del Bravo

For automating customs across the U.S.-Mexico border


Its unique platform facilitates shipping between the U.S. and Mexico, smoothly integrating typically cumbersome tasks such as customs requirements.

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