These are the 10 hottest jobs right now

Good news if you work in healthcare, construction, finance, or of course tech.

These are the 10 hottest jobs right now
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At 3.5%, the unemployment rate hasn’t been this low in 50 years, but the jobs that are growing rapidly don’t look like they did in 1969.


According to data from PayScale, which looked at the jobs that are both especially popular in the labor market and offer competitive pay, the top 10 are:

  1. Foreman
  2. Full-stack software engineer
  3. Director of marketing
  4. Machine operator
  5. Personal shopper
  6. Lead UX designer
  7. Director of community engagement
  8. Maternity nurse
  9. Wealth adviser
  10. Email marketing specialist

It’s not a surprise that tech jobs got high ranking. PayScale’s analysis shows that “the proliferation of tech workers into industries outside of the tech sector is a major contributor to continued job growth nationwide.” However, they also impact growth in other sectors thanks to their wages. “A single tech worker is estimated to support 5.7 additional jobs throughout the economy via direct and indirect multiplier effects,” according to a report from the Economic Policy Institute.

The PayScale report concludes that in areas such as construction and retail, workers’ disposable income is responsible for more jobs such as wealth managers, personal shoppers, and food service workers. That said, both trucking and manufacturing jobs are on the decline. This is usually an indicator of an impending recession, but PayScale’s economists say, “The U.S. will almost certainly dodge a recession if only because the Federal Reserve is now preemptively cutting rates to prevent an economic downturn.”

In the department of surprise jobs, anti-money-laundering officers also made the list, at number 27. You can see the full list with the median pay for each position here.

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