65% of owners buy their pets holiday gifts. Here’s what to get your dog

There really is something to that “four-legged family member” mindset.

65% of owners buy their pets holiday gifts. Here’s what to get your dog
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If you’ve made it to this article, you’re probably at least thinking about getting a gift for your pet these holidays. You’re not alone: A 2018 report from Nielsen found that 65% of pet owners bought their pet a birthday or holiday present. Additionally, 95% of pet owners said they considered their pets to be members of the family. So go ahead, get a stocking for Fido, Spike, Whiskers, Scooby—all the silly or serious-named pets in your life. Not sure where to start? Here are eight well-designed, tech-savvy, and downright fun gifts for your four-legged family member(s).


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Fi Smart Collar
If the term “smart collar” doesn’t make much sense, let me interpret: the new Fi collar is basically an Apple Watch for your pooch. The Bluetooth-enabled collar keeps track of your dogs’ activity and also acts as a tracking device—so you always know exactly where they are, no matter how near or far you are. Fi solves the problem of tracking chips, which can only be utilized for tracking if a lost dog ends up at a veterinary clinic or shelter that can activate it. It tracks your dog’s every step and exact location, whether they’re out roaming the back yard or further away from home. ($149)

Suction Pup dog toy
If your high energy dog gets a little too playful sometimes (while you’re working from home or trying to fold the laundry), check out the Suction Pup. One Fast Company editor swears by this ingenious toy that suctions to the wall and lets your dog play tug of war with him or herself. ($17)

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Food
Countless people have New Year’s resolutions lined up to “eat better” in 2020—so why not let Fido get in on the good health journey, too? The Farmer’s Dog, a DTC company that offers customized food plans for your dog, views fresh dog food (not dried up, processed kibble) as a common sense health choice for your pet. The food includes ingredients such as turkey, carrots, and spinach, and weekly subscription rates for small dogs average just $3 a day. (Prices vary)

[Photo: courtesy of Ruffwear]
Ruffwear Webmaster Harness
This harness was originally designed for hiking and mountain climbing with dogs, but one FC editor says it’s perfect for “elderly, disabled, or just plain mischievous” pets, too. It straps behind each front leg, making it nearly impossible for even the best escape artists, and a handle that runs down the dog’s back makes for easy assistance climbing up stairs or hopping into cars. It’s also “basically indestructible.” ($60)

Furbo dog camera
If you’re out of the house for a lot of the day (or if you’re just a concerned dog parent), the Furbo dog camera is the perfect gift to put yourself and your pet at ease. This smart camera connects to your phone, so you can visually check in no matter where you are. It also has a bark detector (to send you a push notification if your dog starts causing a ruckus), a speaker you can talk through to give commands or calm your dog down, and a treat distributor (for good boys). ($150-250)

[Photo: courtesy of Barkbox]
The Dognald Dog Toy
Ah, a classic chew toy. Is there a better stocking stuffer for your furry friends? This bestselling toy from Barkbox doesn’t squeak (it grunts) and features shreddable orange hair that your dog can rip up as fast as an impeachment witness can rip up a defense. ($10)


[Photo: courtesy of Kong]
Kong Classic Goodie bone
Sometimes the classics are classic for a reason. The Kong Goodie Bone lets you put any treat your dog enjoys (or try these) inside and will keep them distracted for hours trying to get it out. According to one FC editor, this model “lasts for years,” and “Doesn’t fall apart, so not dangerous like so many chew toys and treats that cause intestinal troubles.” ($8-$15)

[Photo: courtesy of LayLo]
Laylo Dog Bed
You get to change your sheets, and Fido should, too. This Brooklyn-based dog bed company creates dog beds that feature an orthopedic accident-proof insert, washable covers made out of our unique dig-proof weave, and designs that you can be proud to have on display in your home. Oh, and if you ever want to switch the look, just buy a new cover and slip it on. (Starting at $125)

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