You can now use Airbnb in 31 more languages. Here’s the full list

You can now use Airbnb in 31 more languages. Here’s the full list
[Photo: Flickr user rawpixel]

Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has expanded its listing to 191 countries around the world. Those countries include hosts and guests that speak hundreds of languages. Yet the Airbnb website and listings have only been available in 31 languages to date, which could limit the opportunities of both hosts and guests to use the service.

However, that all changes today. Airbnb has announced it is doubling the number of languages the platform supports—from 31 to 62. With 62 languages now supported, Airbnb says it will make the platform even more accessible to more than 4 billion native speakers. And not only will support for the new languages make it easier for people to book rooms on Airbnb, but the company points out that it will also enable economic opportunities in new regions for hosts who can now list properties in their native language.

Here’s the full list of all 31 new languages available now:

  1. Albanian (Albania)
  2. Armenian (Armenia)
  3. Azeri (Azerbaijan)
  4. Bosnian (Bosnia)
  5. Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
  6. Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)
  7. English (Australia)
  8. English (Canada)
  9. English (United Kingdom)
  10. Estonian (Estonia)
  11. French (Canada)
  12. Georgian (Georgia)
  13. Hindi (India)
  14. Irish (Ireland)
  15. Latvian (Latvia)
  16. Lithuanian (Lithuania)
  17. Macedonian (North Macedonia)
  18. Maltese (Malta)
  19. Montenegrin (Montenegro)
  20. Romanian (Romania)
  21. Serbian (Serbia)
  22. Slovak (Slovakia)
  23. Slovenian (Slovenia)
  24. Spanish (Argentina)
  25. Spanish (Latin America)
  26. Swahili (Africa)
  27. Tagalog (the Philippines)
  28. Ukrainian (Ukraine)
  29. Vietnamese (Vietnam)
  30. Xhosa (South Africa)
  31. Zulu (South Africa)