Here’s what you can get for free on National Coffee Day, from Whole Foods to Krispy Kreme

Here’s what you can get for free on National Coffee Day, from Whole Foods to Krispy Kreme
[Photo: Jakub Dziubak/Unsplash]

You probably didn’t know it, but September 29 is a special day for Big Coffee.

That’s because it’s National Coffee Day here in the U.S.—it’s apparently a thing in a number of other countries, too!—and while fake holidays such as these are always nauseating, this one involves free and discounted caffeine.

Below you’ll find some real-deal freebies in case you’d like to join in. Also, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism! Alright, you monsters, have at it.

Legit offers

Most of the deals on National Coffee Day are just that: buy-one, get-ones, discounts, and the like. I’m here to say that you—yes you—can do better.

  • Whole Foods is giving away free cans of High Brew coffee.
  • Silk will straight up send you $5 for coffee via PayPal (but the giveaway’s capped at $5,000).
  • Krispy Kreme is giving away coffee and donuts.
  • Rivals Wawa and Sheetz are giving away coffee in exchange for your data (you have to sign up for stuff). The same reportedly goes for Circle K, a Canadian convenience store chain, though we couldn’t find an official announcement.
  • Le Pain cafes are reportedly giving out coffee if you bring your own reusable cup.
  • Kolache, a Texas purveyor of kolaches, is also giving away small coffees.

Measly discounts (Chains: Do better!!!!)

Here, finally, is our corner of shame. Plenty of chains not listed above—including Starbucks, Peets Coffee, Bruegger’s Bagels, and 7-Eleven—are offering various deals but not true freebies, as USA Today reports in its expansive guide.

But if you are picking up a bag of beans or a snack anyway, most of the offers are fine. And if you’re hunting for deals online, you might want to give LifeHacker’s guide a look, too.