Elizabeth and John Edwards on Politics Meets Web 2.0

On Monday, I attended Personal Democracy Forum 2008 to moderate a panel, “Data Geeks Unite!



“Four experts in web services and data aggregation will showcase their offerings, ranging from sophisticated new voter file tools to services mashing up all kinds of data on influence-peddling, to blog aggregation at the neighborhood level. This session is for the hard-core geeks in the audience, and will cover not only the potential of today’s database tools but the challenges in this work as well. ”

Panelists Included:
Vijay Ravindran – Catalist
Greg Elin – Sunlight Foundation
John Geraci –
Noah Richmond – Voter Genome Project

Interesting conversation for sure, as was others I attended about the rise of the ProAm journalist (Professional-Amateur). But nothing was as interesting as an interview that Andrew Rasiej conducted with Elizabeth Edwards via skype. John Edwards was coming home from a trip, just as the interview was being conducted and ended up joining in.

Here are two clips from that interview.

(Note: These were shot on a Tmobile Wing [a Windows Mobile Smartphone] and not a Video Cam or multimedia phone, like the Nokia N95. Please keep this in mind while viewing. The picture and audio may be a little rough on the eyes and ears.)

Video: Elizabeth Edwards – PDF 2008

Video: John Edwards – PDF 2008