Tennis star Maria Sharapova starts her day with a healthy green juice … but still loves to snack on candy

The tennis star and candy maven shares her tips and tools for getting the most out of every day.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova starts her day with a healthy green juice … but still loves to snack on candy
[Photo: courtesy of Bjorn Iooss]

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has won five grand slam titles including Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the U.S. Open. She is also behind candy line Sugarpova and has collaborated with Nike on a line of athletic outfits. Her autobiography, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, came out in 2017.


Here, Sharapova shares her tips and tools for getting the most out of every day.

What’s your On Switch?
When I’m training, the most important on switch is a healthy breakfast. I make a green smoothie with romaine lettuce, avocado, spinach, mint, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. I also buy chestnut bread from the local farmers market and eat it with blanched almond butter.

What’s your Off Switch? 
So often, I’m traveling or away from my family, so the last thing I try to do is speak to them on the phone before I go to bed. It’s a great way to disconnect from the hustle of my everyday work, and I immediately feel content afterward. I also FaceTime with my Pomeranian—who usually wants none of it!


What are five books on your nightstand?

Let My People Go Surfing, by Yvon Chouinard
There are many books written by successful business leaders, but this has to be one of the best when it comes to showcasing leadership and a company’s values.

Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl
An incredible story about an individual’s life purpose when they’re stripped away from family, their everyday life, and all their personal belongings.


Originals, by Adam Grant
I am a huge fan of his work and read this book in just a few days.

When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead, by Jerry Weintraub and Rich Cohen
I read this book over 10 years ago, and it was the reason I wanted to work with Rich Cohen on my autobiography. He is a brilliant writer and an even better person.

Voices from Chernobyl, by Svetlana Alexievich
Written with deep heartbreak, these stories keep my feet on the ground and remind me how fortunate my family was to have fled the disaster.


What vacation spot do you recommend to best recharge your batteries and clear your head? 
The Belmond Residencia in Deia Majorca, Spain. I love that part of the world and recently stayed at this beautiful property—I would go back in a heartbeat! We also hiked to eat paella at Saforadada, which was one of two ways to get to the restaurant. It’s either hiking or a boat. The hike back up after the meal is a trek, but at least it works off the meal. Also, I love road trips, and driving in Spain always feels easier.

[Photo: courtesy of Master and Dynamic]
What are some products that you are currently in love with? 
Master and Dynamic noise-canceling headphones. If you’re going to wear big-looking ear covers, they better look and sound good. I love the soft leather on these.

[Photo: courtesy of Supergoop]
Supergoop Zinc SPF
I don’t leave the house without sun protection, because I easily get dark face pigmentation, and this zinc formula goes on without any traces of white left on your skin.


Jillian Demling Gold Sculpting Bar
The best makeup starts with fresh-looking skin, and I love how this little tool sculpts my face along with my serum before I apply any makeup.

What service or tool can you not live without? 
Google Maps. I need navigation even when it’s a destination I have been to many times. There might be a better route to get there, but I just always take the wrong turn!

What old, classic products do you still use because you believe nobody’s ever improved on them? 
Handwritten letters. The feeling of writing notes on a piece of beautiful stationery is unlike anything technology or a modern keyboard can ever reproduce.


What are one or two high-price-tag products that you recently splurged on but feel no buyer’s remorse because you adore them so much? 
A vintage Pierre Jeanneret furniture bench for my home. It took a long time to find the perfect bench for this space, and once I did, it was game over. They could have charged me anything and I would have been okay with it!

What do you listen to . . .
When you’re waking up

“On the Nature of Daylight,” by Max Richter
I could listen to Richter all day long, but mornings are very inspiring when his music is playing.

When you’re driving
Walls, by Kings of Leon (at the beginning), and “Flava in Ya Ear,” by Craig Mack (closer to the destination).


When you’re working out
“When the Last Time,” by Clipse
It makes me want to dance.

When you’re hard at work on a big project
I prefer to be in a quiet space to put all my focus into the project.

To get psyched for a big presentation
The bigger the occasion, the softer the music. Preferably classical. And if it’s a really big occasion, no music at all. I like to be present in my mind.


To mellow out at the end of the day
“Azawade,” by the Touré-Raichel Collective
This song is on my cozy fireside playlist.

What do you do with the time when you have . . .
A free five minutes
Call my boyfriend and tell him something silly.

A free hour
Take a nap and recharge. My favorite!


A whole free day
Go to the flower mart and arrange wild bouquets for my home. And bake a Russian honey cake.

What’s your favorite thing to eat when . . .

You’re in the middle of work and need a quick burst of energy
Dates, Ella’s Kitchen baby food purées, and rice crackers.


When you need a quick takeout lunch
Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings.

When you have plenty of time to go out and eat
ABCV or Uncle Boons, in NYC

What are three things you love to do when you should be working?
1. Daydreaming about a weekend getaway in the countryside.
2. Browsing Instagram furniture accounts.
3. Looking through Dutch architecture coffee-table books.


What’s your necessary vice? 
Candy, no question about it. I’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember, and it’s the reason I decided to start my own candy company, Sugarpova, seven years ago. We just launched our new line of all-natural gummy candies, and they’re so good! The strawberry cream flavor is probably my favorite.

Which app do you look at . . .

Once a day


Once an hour
My email.

Far too often

What is your favorite charity to donate to and why?
My mother was pregnant with me when Chernobyl exploded 30 kilometers from where we lived. Many of my contributions have been toward families and regions affected by the disaster.

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