Basketball player and tech investor Andre Iguodala takes our career questionnaire

Basketball player, tech investor, and author of “The Sixth Man” Andre Iguodala takes our career questionnaire

Basketball player and tech investor Andre Iguodala takes our career questionnaire
[Illustration: Deni Bangke]

Fast Company: What is your best habit, and what is your worst?


Andre Iguodala: My best is that I check up on people. On a human level, I’m always asking, “How you doing?” My worst is that I’m too forgiving. If someone crosses me, I’ll keep them at a distance, but I still keep in touch with them.

FC: Do you have a work uniform or wardrobe staple?

AI: I like all black, but I like to liven it up with some color. I always wear a blazer. I’ll keep it trendy with the pants. I like Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Good Counsel, which I invested in. That brand is going to blow up.

FC: How do you unplug?

AI: Meditation. I use Headspace—it teaches you how to meditate. Sometimes I do it with my son.

FC: What’s your favorite object in your office?


AI: A friend of mine gave me this personalized stamper that I use to stamp book covers when I’ve read them. It leaves an imprint like the Pulitzer Prize medallion that says my name on it.

FC: Is there a business buzzword you never want to hear again?

AI: I hate it when everyone says “this is ‘the Uber of’ this” when they’re describing a company.

FC: Who is the businessperson you most admire?

AI: Jeff Jordan at Andreessen Horowitz—he helped me get into the tech world. He was the CEO of OpenTable and is savvy in business. He’s also really humble.

FC: What’s the advice you’re glad you ignored?


AI: I had a coach who said, “Get your money.” He told me to stop passing the ball and to take shots instead, so I would get paid more. I know he was looking out for me, but I didn’t do that—I’m a team player; I pass a lot.

FC: Did you have a career fork in the road?

AI: I come from a small town [Springfield, Illinois], and no one knew who I was. I thought I would go to college and become a math teacher. I remember joking around in practice and my coach was like, “You know there are NBA scouts here,” and I said, “What does that have to do with me?” He said, “Well, who do you think they’re here to see?”

FC: Is there a TV show you are mid-binge on?

AI: I like Grown-ish. I didn’t think the show would be for me, but it’s good. I’m a big fan of Yara Shahidi. I like Black-ish, too. And Billions.

FC: What’s your get-pumped song?


AI: “We Gon’ Be Alright,” by Ken­drick Lamar. It’s from one of my favorite albums of all time. If I could write a song, I hope it would come out like that.

FC: What do you send to congratulate someone?

AI: A text.

FC: What’s your favorite form of exercise?

AI: Golf. But yoga is better for me.

A version of this article appeared in the October 2019 issue of Fast Company magazine.