22 ways that climate change may ruin your summer

Now do you care about the climate crisis?

22 ways that climate change may ruin your summer
[Photo: Pawel Janiak/Unsplash]

If the swiftly melting, swiftly heating planet isn’t enough to get you doing everything you can to fight the world’s climate emergency, perhaps this will inspire you to act: Climate change could, like, totally ruin your summer.


As the planet and its oceans heat up, big changes could be coming to the way we spend our holidays if we don’t quickly curb our greenhouse gas emissions. Here are a few ways that the changing climate could dramatically impact your summer plans:

  1. More heat waves
  2. More humidity
  3. Worse sunburns
  4. Higher air-conditioning costs
  5. More heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke
  6. More and worse air pollution
  7. Disappearing beaches
  8. Water shortages
  9. More summer allergies
  10. More ticks
  11. More mosquitoes
  12. More sharks at northern beaches
  13. More algal blooms taking over lakes
  14. Bigger storms
  15. More expensive barbecues
  16. Higher ice cream prices
  17. No more Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup
  18. Railroad disruptions
  19. Increasing travel costs
  20. Fewer landmarks to visit in the U.S. and abroad
  21. Less disposable income to spend on summer fun
  22. Your favorite rosé may disappear

If, however, countries meet carbon-cutting goals, proactively adapt to a warming world, and work together to make sure that global temperatures rise less than 2 degrees Celsius, as set out in the Paris Agreement, this scenario will be much less likely, and we could all go back to enjoying our summers.


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