Women want to work for these 10 CEOs

Comparably’s ranking of the top 10 CEOs for women as rated by their employees finally includes two female leaders.

Women want to work for these 10 CEOs
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Female workers at more than 50,000 companies across the United States have spoken. Their anonymous reviews on Comparably ranked 50 CEOs as the best overall leaders.


Among large companies (with more than 500 employees), the top 10 CEOs are:

  1. John Legere, T-Mobile
  2. Alex Shootman, Workfront
  3. Brian Halligan, HubSpot
  4. Bert Bean, Insight Global
  5. W. Craig Jelinek, Costco
  6. Kelly Caruso, Shipt
  7. Martin Migoya, Globant
  8. Daniel Dines, UiPath
  9. Cathy Englebert, Deloitte (US)
  10. Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines

Legere climbed from the No. 6 position in 2018 to claim the top spot. However, the most significant difference between last year and this is that there are now two female CEOs ranked in the top 10, compared to none last year. (2019 had double the number of female CEOs overall with 10 women.)

Kelly Caruso’s presence on the list is notable, as the Target veteran was appointed CEO of Shipt this past March. One reviewer reported that Caruso is, “Approachable, helpful, and honest. I don’t feel like there are any barriers here, and I can truly ask any question and be answered with compassion and truth.”


Nominations were not required and the final data set was compiled from nearly 10 million ratings and weighted for companies with more participation from their employee base.


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