7 companies took out a full-page NYT ad against abortion bans

7 companies took out a full-page NYT ad against abortion bans
Abortion-rights activists rally at Supreme Court in Washington to protest new state bans on abortion services on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. [Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images]

If you’re looking for a strong female lead, head straight to today’s edition of The New York Times, where the female founders and CEOs in charge of a number of companies spoke out against the wave of state abortion bans designed to put Roe v. Wade back in front of the newly conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

In the open letter, which was commissioned by the seven companies, the business leaders declare in bold type that “Abortion is a human right.”

The letter was signed by:

  • Adriel Denae and Jen Auerbach of Clary Collection
  • Molly Hayward of Cora
  • Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman of Dame
  • Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung of Fur
  • Erica Chidi Cohen and Quinn Lundberg of Loom
  • Meika Hollender of Sustain Natural
  • Maria Molland of Thinx Inc

The signatories proudly declared their support for reproductive freedom. “As women, and business leaders, we support the right to choose today and every day,” they wrote, adding: “For too long, corporate America has been largely silent on speaking up for sexual and reproductive health and rights. That must change. Today, we loudly and boldly declare that we will not be silent in defense of fundamental human rights and we challenge our peers in the business community to do the same. Now is the time to speak up.”

Corporations should not worry about losing employees for taking a stance on reproductive freedom. As Fast Company reported, a recent survey found that about two-thirds of full-time employees over the age of 25 believe women’s reproductive freedom is key to their success in the workplace, and that companies should publicly show their support for women’s reproductive rights. Additionally, 60% of people surveyed said they would be more loyal to a company that helped cover prenatal care, family planning, and abortion care. These women-led companies are taking the lead, but when will male-led companies join their fight?

Read the full letter in the New York Times or here. If you want to fight the abortion bans, head here to find a protest near you and support local efforts here.