Airbnb is picking one couple to sleep over in the world’s most famous museum

A single person (and a friend) will get to spend the night in the Louvre’s glass pyramid.


Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in a legendary museum? Well, here is your chance: The Louvre and Airbnb will let one person or couple sleep under its iconic glass pyramid on April 30.


The winner will have an exclusive evening VIP tour with a guide, an honor that only heads of state and very famous people get to enjoy. After that, they’ll be free to hang out in what looks like a living room, temporarily installed right next to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa while they enjoy drinks and bites.

[Photo: © Julian Abrams/courtesy Airbnb]
After the apéritif comes dinner, in a dining room built right next to one of the most famous statues of all time, the Venus of Milo. (Having drinks with the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo sounds great, but the Nike of Samothrace seems like she would know where the real party’s at.) Finally, the winner will be taken to Emperor Napoleon III’s rooms for a chamber music concert. Party like it’s the 1860s, baby! While they won’t be able to sleep in the emperor’s bed, they will get to spend the night in a tiny pyramid set up under I. M. Pei’s large glass pyramid in the museum’s courtyard.

The experience is part of a string of events that celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Louvre’s central pyramid, built by Pei in 1989. The festivities began last week started with the installation of a spectacular 183,000-square-foot mural by the street artist JR, which offered visitors the chance to glimpse the “secrets” beneath the courtyard thanks to a clever optical illusion.

Pei designed the luminous glass pyramid to serve as the museum’s main entrance. It was surrounded by controversy when it opened, with some critics saying that it was a pretentious, megalomaniacal folly imposed by François Mitterrand, then president of France. Conspiracy theorists even claimed the structure was composed of exactly 666 glass pieces at the behest of Mitterrand–who was, of course, part of the Illuminati.

That’s a lie, but it’s evidence of the public’s enduring fascination with the Louvre’s secrets–which is exactly what makes this giveaway so enticing. You can enter to win this dream night here.

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