Top 5 ads of the week: AeroMexico airline hilariously trolls America

Burger King runs out of hamberders, Verizon honors first responders, The New York Times knows the truth is hard, and Gary Cole is an American treasure.

Top 5 ads of the week: AeroMexico airline hilariously trolls America
[Photo: (Trump) Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House/Flickr]

Surprise, surprise–we live in a pretty divisive time. That whole government shutdown that’s keeping 800,000 American government workers from being paid is essentially an argument over a wall. Among many other things, this situation illustrates just what a touchy subject immigration is in the United States. And ever since President Trump first glided down that gilded escalator to declare his candidacy, Mexico has been at the very center of it all.


Mexico’s biggest airline decided to respond by finding a hilariously clever way to turn the Us vs. Them dynamic into more of We conversation. Plus, a discount. Onward!

AeroMexico “DNA Discounts”

What: AeroMexico went to Wharton, Texas, to let people know just how Mexican they really are.

Who: AeroMexico

Why we care: The airline went to this small town southwest of Houston to show the impact of generations of immigration between Mexico and U.S. and to underscore that we’re not as different as we may think. Texans took DNA tests to find out just how Mexican they are, and some of the reactions to the results are gold. But the real treasure is in how this creative idea undermines a prejudice that’s become far too pervasive.

The New York Times “Resolve”

What: New ad in The New York Times‘s ongoing “The Truth Is Hard” campaign.


Who: The New York Times, Droga5

Why we care: By giving us a look behind the efforts to bring us the story of Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, the Times makes it clear how, as CMO David Rubin told me this week, “Journalism requires time and resources, has real impact on the world, and should be paid for.”

Burger King “Hamberders”

What: Burger King’s response to President Trump’s buffet boasting.

Who: Burger King


Why we care: When President Trump hosted the national college football champion Clemson Tigers at the White House earlier this week, he served them a wide selection of fast food. Then he boasted about it on Twitter, with one crucial spelling error that Burger King grilled into Brand Twitter gold.

Verizon “The Team Who Wouldn’t Be Here”

What: Verizon celebrates Super Bowl season with a football-themed tribute to first responders.

Who: Verizon, McCann

Why we care: Everyone loves first responders for obvious reasons, but here Verizon found a unique way to both celebrate football, first-responders, and tell a pretty great story. This is the main spot, but director Peter Berg also did others on each individual player’s harrowing experience.

Kabbage “Spokesguy From 10 Minutes In The Future”

What: The first national TV ad for fintech firm Kabbage.


Who: Kabbage, Eleven

Why we care: We don’t have to go through an entire oral history of Office Space, do we? (I mean, you should if you haven’t already.) Lumbergh. Or if a little parental prom night cosplay is more your thing, there’s Blockers. Or perhaps it’s the more data-driven Kent Davison of Veep. Or maybe you’re a fan of The Good Wife and the particulars of ballistics. Whatever your preference, Gary Cole is a freakin’ American treasure, and if he spells Kabbage with a K, kount me in.

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