Top 5 Ads Of The Week: Ryan Reynolds sips his gin with tongue in cheek

The tears of the Deadpool actor power his gin, a horrifically human Xmas tree, and Sandy Hook Promise marks six years.

Top 5 Ads Of The Week: Ryan Reynolds sips his gin with tongue in cheek

Back in July, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat used billboards to cheekily welcome Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to Finland, “the land of the free press.” Now the paper is marking other Earthly disasters with a limited series of Christmas sweaters. But instead of gaudy reindeer, the sweaters represent the ugliest news of 2018. So it’s war, climate change, plastic ocean pollution, sexual harassment, and technological manipulation. Except, y’know, on a wool sweater. Onward!


Aviation Gin “The Process”

What: A sneak peak at possibly the most twee supply chain ever.

Who: Aviation Gin

Why we care: Look, we all love Deadpoo…er, Ryan Reynolds. (As a Canadian, I have to say that before I can get my passport renewed.) And here the actor/booze proprietor doesn’t disappoint, with a self-aware pisstake of alcohol advertising that hits the buzzed nail on the head. Basically, the opposite of this. It’s funny, laid back, and almost makes you forget that gin once had the nickname “mother’s ruin,” and its introduction into polite society is associated with “historical accounts of violence, widespread addiction, and social devastation.” Refreshing!

Helsingin Sanomat “The Ugliest News of the Year”

What: The ugliest news of the year depicted on holiday sweaters.

Who: Helsingin Sanomat, TBWA/Helsinki

Why we care: The holidays are meant to be fun, but here the newspaper is able to creatively use a quaint Christmas-themed gag to illustrate the severity of the issues facing humanity.


Anomaly “O Human Being”


Who: Anomaly

Why we care: Easily the weirdest Christmas video you’ll see this year. I won’t spoil it, save for two reasons to drop what you’re doing and watch it immediately: 1) It’s narrated by Richard E. Grant. 2.) It’s narrated by Richard E. Grant.

Lyft “Nope/Yep”

What: A new Lyft campaign that evaluates the pros and cons of driving your own car.

Who: Lyft, Wieden+Kennedy


Why we care: A very simple idea, creatively and effectively executed. Basically, driving sucks, so why not let someone else do it for you? The great casting and solid comedic timing are no surprise considering it’s directed by funny ad master Tom Kuntz, and the spot provides two convenient answers to the crucial questions, should I drive? (Nope.) Or take a Lyft? (Yep.)

Sandy Hook Promise “Point of View”

What: New PSA from Sandy Hook Promise, marking six years since the tragic shooting.

Who: Sandy Hook Promise, BBDO New York

Why we care: Echoing 2016’s “Evan” and last year’s “Tomorrow’s News,” this year Sandy Hook Promise once again highlights the importance of awareness, observation, and communication, when it comes to school shootings before they happen. The gun control status quo persists, and so does the ongoing tragedy that we still need powerful reminders like this.


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