Fast Company’s favorite photos of 2018

Fast Company‘s photo editors highlight some of their favorite images of 2018.

Fast Company’s favorite photos of 2018
Napoleon Jinnies by Brian Finke for “The story of how 2 male cheerleaders broke into the NFL, for the first time in history. Plus, awesome photos

We at Fast Company are extremely proud of the work we publish. Along with our written coverage, our photo editors work tirelessly to showcase change in all aspects. Below are some of their favorites from the past year.


The images here look to a bright, new future. They boldly and colorfully present leaders at the cutting edge of business, technology, and entertainment–as well as playfully visualize both products and concepts spawned from these leaders’ innovations.

Jessica Alba by Herring & Herring for “How Jessica Alba uses the honest company’s setbacks to grow”
Hannah Khymych for “Sephora is bringing shade to the makeup industry”
Reese Witherspoon by Ellen Von Unwerth for the cover of Fast Company‘s Most Creative People In Business issue
Daniel Day by João Canziani for “How Gucci brought streetwear swagger to a 96-year-old brand”
Michael Marcelle for “DJI’s Spark is the first drone you can control with hand gestures
Marcela Sapone (right) and Jessica Beck (left) for “Two bedroom with views–and a personal concierge
Hannah Beachler by Daymon Gardner for “From Moonlight to Wakanda: production designer Hannah Beachler’s playbook
Jeff Brown for “Pepsi’s new shape of water is a product called Drinkfinity
Doris Kearns Goodwin by Jessie English for “Doris Kearns Goodwin knows what presidential leadership looks like”
Chamath Palihap­itiya by Justin Maxon for “Social Capital’s Chamath Palihap­itiya wants to fix capitalism
Ane Crabtree by Nathan Cyprys for “Meet the costume designer for your favorite apocalyptic TV shows”
Alma Har’el by Mary Rozzi for “Thanks to Alma Har’el, more women are shooting major commercials
Mauricio Alejo for “Gillette’s new razor provides a benevolent shave
Daniel Ek by Tim Richardson for “Spotify’s $30 billion playlist for global domination
Stephanie Gonot for “How Everlane is building the next-gen clothing brand
Joshua Kissi by Micaiah Carter for “How Tonl’s Joshua Kissi uses stock photography to combat stereotypes
Daan Brand for “Compass proves cafeteria food can be sustainable
Aureta Thomollari by Ramona Rosales for “Career pioneers
Steph Curry by Williams + Hirakawa for “Steph Curry and the new Palm want you to forget your phone
Mauricio Alejo for “A 3D–printed throne from Zaha Hadid architects
Tristan Walker by Herring & Herring for “A breakout branding master class from Glossier, Sweetgreen, Away, And Walker & Co.
Suzanne Lee by Benedict Evans for “Brewing leather in a lab
Arlan Hamilton by João Canziani for “Memo to the Silicon Valley boys’ club: Arlan Hamilton has no time for your BS
Yves Béhar by Chloe Aftel for “Not another Yves Béhar profile!
Will Steyer for Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation By Design
Nikki Bell by Andy Ryan for “How Thumbtack creates work by giving The Yellow Pages an AI twist
Mauricio Alejo for “A tougher tablet
Tyler, the Creator by JUCO for “Tyler, the Creator is in full bloom
Abby Wambach by Herring & Herring for “Why Nike sees social responsibility as an opportunity to innovate
Janelle Monáe by Ramona Rosales for the cover of Fast Company’s Most Productive People Issue
Willow and Bambi by Jason Pietra for “For ensuring that the bleat goes on”
Mauricio Alejo for “A phone app for the visually impaired
Jonathan Van Ness by Barrett Emke for “How Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness starts and ends each day
Katrina Lake by Aaron Feaver for “Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake talks data, Amazon—and hot tubs