Godparent proposals? These are the most fascinating Pinterest cultural trends for 2019

Godparent proposals? These are the most fascinating Pinterest cultural trends for 2019
[Photo: courtesy of Pinterest]

What have Pinterest fans been populating their boards with these days? Far more than just DIY crafts and floral arrangements. The visual discovery engine, which sees 250 million users a month, has become a way for users to express interest across a multitude of categories, from parenting to tech to gardening.


On Tuesday, the company shared the Pinterest 100 for 2019: The top trends according to increased pins in the last year. The patterns offer a snapshot into what Americans are most excited about, as well as what cultural trends are taking shape. We highlighted a few of the more interesting ones:

[Photo: courtesy of Pinterest]

Health and wellness

  • Bakuchiol (+275%): “Self care” witnessed a 140% surge in Pinterest searches, with a strong portion devoted to skincare. Bakuchiol, considered “the natural, gentler alternative to retinol,” is getting a bump from skincare buffs.
  • Elderberry recipes (+685%): As Americans become more health-obsessed, their curiosity for new and unique ingredients widens. The lesser-known elderberry is known as a rich source of antioxidants and for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Hobbies and interests

  • Side hustles at home (+690%): Pinterest boasts over 8 billion hobby and interest pins, and an increasingly big portion is devoted to people turning passions into profits, like canning or online tutoring.
  • How to grow an avocado tree (+101%): The millennial obsession with avocado has reached the mainland: gardeners. Instructions on how to build your own guac machine are on the rise.

[Photo: courtesy of Pinterest]

  • Backyard weddings (+441%): The average American wedding cost is over $30,000. More folks are looking for a most cost-friendly alternative–starting at home.
  • Full moon gatherings (+54%): Spiritual rituals are gatherings have spread beyond the yoga studio as women start their own moonlight parties.
  • Godparent proposals (+152%): Parents are making the question to prospective godparents a far more momentous occasion. (Or, just ensuring it’s an offer they can’t refuse.)


  • Mushroom recipes (+64%): With adaptogens taking center stage in the wellness community, it’s no wonder nutrient-packed mushrooms are taking root in the kitchen.
  • Baking bread (+413%): Carb favorites like sourdough are getting people to knead their own.

Home decor

  • Vertical gardens (+287%): DIY projects constitute 83% of Pinterest home searches, and it looks like design enthusiasts are getting serious about floor-to-ceiling greenery.
  • Bold print wallpaper (+401%): As Fast Company previously reported, wallpaper is back, and with a big statement vengeance.

[Photo: courtesy of Pinterest]

  • Men’s corduroy (+507%): Pinterest declared this the Year of Corduroy in part because the fabric is in everything from cozy weekend pants to professorial blazers.
  • Women’s biker shorts (+1323%): Can we blame Kim Kardashian for this one? The celebrity spent a good portion of last year pairing it with everything from blazers to high heels.
  • Statement sneakers (+2211%): With the meteoric rise in fashionable athleisure-wear, it makes senses that adjacent categories would get a boost.


  • Toy-sharing subscriptions (+313%): Parents are getting more serious about the environment and creating less waste. Toy-share subscriptions offer kids a steady supply of toys without the long-term ownership.
  • Audio storytellers (+126%): In lieu of screens (or, I guess, books?), parents rely on audiobooks to lull kids to sleep.
  • Smart bassinets (+851%): Smart bassinets, which play white noise and do the rocking for you, takes a bit of the workload off sleepy parents.

For more top trends, check out the Pinterest 100 for 2019.