13 things Melania’s ad for Christmas at the White House reminds me of

It feels wrong that a glistening Honda adorned with a red ribbon is nowhere to be seen in FLOTUS’s confounding spot for the general concept of Christmas.

13 things Melania’s ad for Christmas at the White House reminds me of

Thanksgiving is now but a hazy, gravy-scented memory, and you know what that means: time for the annual War on Christmas.


It’s that most wonderful time of the year when the kind of people who rail against the scourge of political correctness and oversensitivity get steaming mad if someone doesn’t use their favorite holiday greeting. One such person is current U.S. president and fervent Santa Claus-enthusiast Donald Trump, who repeatedly promised on the campaign trail to start saying Merry Christmas “again,” despite staggering empirical evidence that suggests his predecessor never didn’t do that.

In order to help prove to the haters and losers just how much this White House is defiantly unafraid to throw around the banished “C-word” this time of year, Melania Trump tweeted out a video advertising the general concept of Christmas at the White House.

Here are 13 things this ad reminds me of:

  • A training video for seasonal staff at Target
  • Home Alone but instead of Macauley Culkin, it’s the First Lady of the United States
  • The SNL sketch version of this exact video, not a single detail altered
  • The movie Marie Antoinette, if instead of Sofia Coppola it had been directed by a Hallmark card
  • A recruitment video for an actual War on Christmas
  • A stealth promotion for the Be Best campaign, challenging viewers to resist cyberbullying Melania Trump about the video, against overwhelming odds
  • The end of The Shining, but it’s the White House
  • A nightmare Michelle Obama had one time
  • If Melania Trump were elected president of Macy’s
  • The exact obverse of a commercial for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, where instead of finding out “he went to Jared,” a rich divorcee surveys her fabulously empty mansion with quiet satisfaction.
  • A DVD extra from a circa 2007 Oxygen Channel movie where First Daughter Lindsay Lohan finds love at Christmastime, in which we discover why the original production designer got fired.
  • A Happy Honda Days ad where instead of a car with an enormous red ribbon around it, the lady of the house is transformed into the world’s second-most prominent Birther.
  • If Tim Burton directed The Nutcracker but quit on the third day.

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