China and Norway love mobile wallets. The U.S.? Not so much

Yep. Norway.

China and Norway love mobile wallets. The U.S.? Not so much
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That’s according to data compiled by merchant account and card payment fee comparison firm Merchant Machine. The firm looks at mobile payment spending across the world in 2017, the most recent year full figures are available for, and found the top 10 countries where mobile wallets are the most popular.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, China leads the pack, with 47% of people there using a mobile wallet. But in second place, rather surprisingly, is Norway, a country with only 5.2 million people–but a full 42% of them use a mobile wallet. In a distant third place are the Brits, with 24% mobile wallet penetration. And as for Americans, well, we are in seventh place, with just 17% of us using mobile wallets.

Here’s the full top 10 list:

  1. China: 47%
  2. Norway: 42%
  3. United Kingdom: 24%
  4. Japan: 20%
  5. Australia: 19%
  6. Colombia: 19%
  7. United States: 17%
  8. Singapore: 17%
  9. Canada: 16%
  10. Austria: 16%

As for the most popular mobile wallets, WeChat Pay is No. 1 with 600 million users. That’s followed by Alipay with 400 million users. Next up is PayPal with 210 million users. In fourth place is Apple Pay with 87 million users. And rounding out the top five is Samsung Pay with 34 million users.


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