Lowe’s is closing over 50 stores–Here are the locations impacted

The home improvement store chain has announced its closing locations in both the U.S. and Canada.

Lowe’s is closing over 50 stores–Here are the locations impacted
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The home improvement store Lowe’s announced today it is going to close dozens of its “underperforming” stores in North America–20 in the U.S. and 31 in Canada, to be exact. According to a press release, this is part of a restructuring to make the business more nimble and profitable.


Here’s a list of the states and provinces that will be seeing store closures:

United States:

  • Alabama: 1 store closing
  • California: 4 stores closing
  • Connecticut: 1 store closing
  • Illinois: 2 stores closing
  • Indiana: 1 store closing
  • Louisiana: 1 store closing
  • Massachusetts: 1 store closing
  • Michigan: 2 stores closing
  • Minnesota: 1 store closing
  • Missouri: 2 stores closing
  • New York: 2 stores closing
  • Pennsylvania: 1 store closing
  • Texas: 1 store closing


  • British Columbia: 1 store closing
  • Alberta: 2 stores closing
  • Ontario: 9 stores closing
  • Québec: 9 stores closing
  • Newfoundland: 6 stores closing

*(Lowe’s only lists 27 Canadian stores closing, though the press release says the total will come to 31.)

Lowe’s currently has over 2,000 locations throughout North America, and has had difficulties of late competing with the likes of Home Depot. This is the second big shutdown associated with the Lowe’s brand. Earlier this year, it announced that it would be shutting down all Orchard Supply Hardware locations–a store chain it acquired in 2013.

The company says all impacted stores should be shuttered by February 1, 2019. Currently, Lowe’s stock is down by only 0.5% in pre-market trading. We’ll see if this announcement will cause further damage once the markets open.


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