Top 5 Ads Of The Week: The New York Times perseverance, famous Apple users

Fender gets arty with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, Wealthsimple aims at the gender pay gap, and Allbirds wants you to meet your shoes.

Top 5 Ads Of The Week: The New York Times perseverance, famous Apple users

There’s a lot of bluster from some sides about mainstream media outlets awash in unfair coverage, loose accusations, blatant lies. The thing is, only one side has receipts and it’s not the one in the White House. Last year, Droga5 executive creative director Tim Gordon told me that the idea behind the entire “Truth is hard” campaign was about showing those very receipts. “We wanted to home in on the proof in the pudding,” Gordon said. “To focus on showing that, not only do we recognize the truth is hard, but we’re incredibly dedicated to quality and independent journalism and going after the hardest stories.” The newest ad in The New York Times‘ campaign, created by Droga5, cleverly chronicles the various steps it takes to uncover, confirm, and report the truth. Onward!


The New York Times “The Truth Is Worth It: Perseverance”

What: A look at how Times reporters meticulously report their stories.

Who: The New York Times, Droga5

Why we care: As this campaign has said before, the truth is hard. It’s messy. It takes hard, hard work. This new spot distills that complex process in a simple, smooth, stylish 30-seconds.

Apple “Make Something Wonderful”

What: Stylish snapshots of the Mac out in the world.

Who: Apple

Why we care: Instead of showing us what the product can do, here Apple decided to show how people use it. Really, really famous people. Serena Williams, Paul McCartney, Anna Wintour, Dave Grohl, Bono, Oprah, all just staring at the screen. It’s oddly, and delightfully, mesmerizing.


Fender “Artform”

What: Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest and producer/composer Adrian Younge released a short, 23-minute film called Artform.

Who: Fender

Why we care: Ali and Younge talk about influence, inspiration, and craft, as well as their own partnership as The Midnight Hour, all while shining a light on how live instruments are used in unexpected ways to create music in hip-hop, R&B, funk, and jazz. Calm, cool, and actually compelling brand content.

Wealthsimple “Invest in Change”

What: Wealthsimple and Skylar Diggins-Smith point to the basketball gender pay gap.

Who: Wealthsimple

Why we care: Obviously pro sports are completely different from the real world, but in this spot, gender pay equity is expressed in stark terms by showing the absurdity that WNBA players earn 100x less on their rookie contracts than their NBA counterparts.


Allbirds “Tree Meeting”

What: A new campaign that highlights Allbirds’ shoes are made from sustainably sourced materials.

Who: Allbirds, Anomaly

Why we care: A quirky spot to go along with a new site that encourages people to check out a live feed of a unique sheep or tree used to make their shoes. It feels like the shoe advertising equivalent of Murray’s tourism posters in Flight of the Concords.

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