Don’t Google these 10 celebrities without reading this first

McAfee is warning about potentially malicious websites tied to these celebrity names.

Don’t Google these 10 celebrities without reading this first
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If you’re curious about Ruby Rose’s net worth, feet, what she will be doing after Batwoman, or any other detail that people might search for online, be careful what you click on.


Internet security company McAfee has released its Most Dangerous Celebrity to search for in 2018, and Rose got the starring role. That means searches for Rose could generate risky links to potentially malicious websites. According to Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at McAfee, hackers often rely on internet users’ curiosity about celebrities to feed links to malicious websites in the hopes that some sucker will click on them, thereby letting hackers install malware or steal personal information and passwords.

“It’s important for consumers to think before they click to be sure that they are landing on safe digital content and protecting themselves from cybersecurity threats that may be used to infect their devices or steal their identity,” Davis said in a statement.

Rose took the title from singer Avril Lavigne, who topped the most dangerous celebrity to search list last year, although they probably don’t list such accomplishments on their IMDb pages.

Here’s how this year’s top 10 shook out:

  1. Ruby Rose
  2. Kristin Cavallari
  3. Marion Cotillard
  4. Lynda Carter
  5. Rose Byrne
  6. Debra Messing
  7. Kourtney Kardashian
  8. Amber Heard
  9. Kelly Ripa
  10. Brad William Henke

The only male actor to appear on the list is Brad William Henke, and while I don’t know who that is, I am now to scared to Google him.

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