Top 5 ads of the week: Poo-Pourri for equality, Burger King’s AI

Everytown for Gun Safety says no more, Steak-Umm goes on an epic Twitter rant, and another Thai masterclass in sadvertising.

Top 5 ads of the week: Poo-Pourri for equality, Burger King’s AI
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I think we can all agree that gender inequality is pretty crappy. But I never thought I’d see a brand choose to illustrate that sentiment through stories about pooping. Poo-Pourri’s new campaign #GirlsDoPoop does just that with a series of hilarious real stories, breaking down the pop cultural tradition of the poop joke historically being told from the male perspective. As company founder and CEO Suzy Batiz told me, “It’s really an equality issue. Men talk about poop all the time, and good for them. But women don’t feel like we can do that for whatever reason. So we felt inspired by that, and the result was this campaign.” Onward!


Poo-Pourri “The Elevator Sh*t”

What: A new campaign about poop equality from the toilet deodorizer brand.

Who: Poo-Pourri

Why we care: I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: By acknowledging poop equality, maybe men can see women as three-dimensional, full-fledged human beings . . . who may, on occasion, shit themselves in an elevator.

Burger King “Chicken Sandwich Crossing Encouraged”

What: A hilarious spoof of the creativity of artificial intelligence in advertising.

Who: Burger King, David Miami

Why we care: I mean, “Tastes like bird.” It may be the greatest fast food tagline ever written. And tying some seriously funny ads to the hype around AI and machine learning is a double shot of culturally relevant hilarity.


Everytown for Gun Safety “Not One More: Places”

What: A new PSA campaign running in 15 key House districts this week urging Americans to vote for gun safety.

Who: Everytown for Gun Safety, Wieden + Kennedy

Why we care: It’s not telling us anything new, but the strength is in how it tells this story. Showing all of these locations, one after another after another, that should be places of fun, worship, learning, trust, all tainted by the horror of gun violence, is devastating and effective.

Steak-Umm “Twitter rant”

What: A Twitter thread that is surprisingly earnest, insightful, self-aware, yet still funny, about modern life. From a frozen meat brand.

Who: Steak-Umm, Allebach Communications


Why we care: Unraveling the challenges of modern society while still managing to fit in plenty of meat and beef puns is a golden achievement in copywriting. Do yourself a favor (flavor?) and read the whole thread.

C.P. Group “Gratitude”

What: A tearjerker of a spot from Thailand corporation C.P. Group.

Who: C.P. Group, Ogilvy Thailand

Why we care: Seeing as it’s not obviously selling anything here, this is one of those ads meant to endear trust. C.P. Group is a giant company with businesses and brands spanning agriculture, food, retail, telecom and more, including licensing in Thailand for brands like 7-Eleven, Heineken, and Honda. And here it dutifully continues the Thai advertising tradition of making people cry at work.


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