Top 5 ads of the week: Nike’s marathon man, Ad Council’s Honest Yearbook

A heartwarming lottery ad, a stirring political spot, and a breast pump ad you can dance to.

Top 5 ads of the week: Nike’s marathon man, Ad Council’s Honest Yearbook

According to the Ad Council, studies show that meanness among teens is actually on the rise. Over two-thirds of teens say they have been bullied, but only 20% think they may have actually bullied someone. These are kids who have been hearing anti-bullying messages their entire school lives, and the Ad Council wanted to try and flip the script a bit. Instead of focusing on the negative impact of bullying, it created a campaign around the consequences of kindness. Onward!


The Ad Council “Honest Yearbook”

What: A new anti-bullying PSA campaign from The Ad Council.

Who: The Ad Council, TBD, Adolescent

Why we care: Parents of young kids will tell you that all the experts say you need to celebrate good behavior as much as you scold for the bad. Here is a sweet execution of that strategy, surprising students who thought they were going into a typical yearbook photo shoot with messages of gratitude for their kindness. The looks of pride and appreciation are pretty priceless.

Nike “Fastest Ever”

What: Nike’s newest spot in its “Just Do It” campaign featuring runner Eliud Kipchoge.

Who: Nike, Wieden + Kennedy Portland


Why we care: Nike and Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge may not have achieved their final goal of running a sub-two-hour marathon in the award-winning doc Breaking2, but the brand sure knew how to celebrate the runner’s historic win at the Berlin Marathon in which he broke the world-record marathon time. Mesmerizing as a steady pace, the spot conveys the hypnotic, solitary intensity of distance running.

Kevin de León “Our Time”

What: A new campaign ad for California Senate candidate Kevin de León.

Who: Kevin de León, The Win Agency

Why we care: On one hand, it’s an incredibly effective storytelling ad, as California Senate candidate Kevin de León recounts growing up with an immigrant mother who worked hard to afford him the opportunity to realize the American dream. On the other, de León cleverly draws a direct line between his own inspirational story and the current fiasco that is separating families along the American border.

The National Lottery “Amazing Starts Here”

What: A British lottery ad with an unexpected twist.


Who: The (U.K.) National Lottery, adam&eveDDB

Why we care: Oh, you think you know where this is going. I’m not crying! You’re crying.

Elvie “Pumping. Unplugged”

What: A new ad for breast pumping startup Elvie.

Who: Elvie, Mother London

Why we care: We can talk about how having to pump milk alone is reason enough for Mother’s Day to be a much bigger holiday than Father’s Day. Or how it’s a product category barely mentioned when it comes to innovation or evolving design. But really it’s all about tapping into that Janelle Monae “PYNK” vibe to make a breast-pumping ad people can dance to.

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