The 12 best luxury hotels—ranked by science

The list relies on an algorithm, which can’t even appreciate 1,000-thread-count sheets.

The 12 best luxury hotels—ranked by science
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If your startup just had a successful IPO or Amazon just bought your company, you may wonder about the best luxury hotel to kickstart your retirement. While you could rely on public reviews on TripAdvisor, there’s no reason to do that when Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), a members-only travel reporting group, may have settled the question once and for all—with science.


The resulting list of hotel brands is similar to lists from Travel + Leisure, USA Today, Afar, and CNN, but instead of relying on public surveys, editors, travel writers, or anyone who might stay at the hotel, the list relies on an algorithm (which can’t even appreciate 1,000-thread-count sheets). LTI spent seven months creating an algorithm that analyzed hotels on 118 significant points. The hotels were then scored, with a maximum score of 4,320 possible points, to create a list of the 12 luxury hotels that just might be The Best.

The LTI top 12 luxury hotel brands for 2018 are:

  1. Aman (3587)
  2. Oetker Collection (3494)
  3. Six Senses (3438)
  4. Belmond (3399)
  5. Mandarin Oriental (3378)
  6. Auberge (3312)
  7. Four Seasons (3264)
  8. Soho House (3180)
  9. One & Only (3152)
  10. St. Regis (3058)
  11. Rosewood (2981)
  12. The Luxury Collection (2897)

LTI wouldn’t share details of its algorithm, but it did send along this quote from LTI founder Michael Crompton:


“The 118 touch points relate to the overall brand performance, rather than its individual properties. It’s all about the brand’s ability to deliver: its passion, commitment, ethos and values, as well as the quality of its management and staff. Investment and how well it is executed is also a major factor, particularly in new properties and the refurbishment of existing ones.”

As for how accurate the algorithm is, we will report back as soon as the editors approve the budget to test each and every one of these hotels.


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