Everyone hates when you use these 4 common email phrases

Yes, we saw your last email.

Everyone hates when you use these 4 common email phrases
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Email use is on the rise, according to Adobe’s latest email use survey, and that means the annoying phrases included in those emails are also on the rise.


Adobe took a look at which seemingly innocuous words irritate recipients the most when strung together and tucked into an email. And yep: They’re like the text equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. In fact, like the old horror movie trope, one of those annoying phrases is undoubtedly sitting in your inbox RIGHT NOW.

Here are the annoying phrases that topped the list:

  • “Not sure if you saw my last email” (25% of respondents hated it)
  • “Per my last email” (13%)
  • “Per our conversation” (11%)
  • “Any update on this?” (11%)

So if you don’t want to annoy the person you’re trying to get a reply from, strike those phrases from your draft emails before hitting send. Adobe’s survey also offered a few seemingly obvious email etiquette hints that many, many, many people ignore:

  • Don’t send emails too often (this ticked off 45% of respondents)
  • Don’t recommend products that don’t match their interests (33%)
  • Don’t send offers that have already expired (22%)
  • Don’t misspell the recipient’s name (17%)

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