Tim Cook, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, and others mourn Aretha Franklin’s death

People from all walks of life are mourning Aretha Franklin’s death.

Tim Cook, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, and others mourn Aretha Franklin’s death
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Today a legend has left this world. Aretha Franklin, whose captivating and invigorating voice could melt even the iciest heart, died this morning at her home in Detroit. She was 76.


It’s a huge loss for both the world of music and the world in general. Franklin has been a constant in the American psyche since the 1960s, when she first rose to prominence. She began as a gospel singer in the ’50s and transitioned to more secular soul music. Her songs, driven by her signature joy-filled belt, captivated the nation for decades. Singles like “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Respect,” and “Think,” have become anthems in their own right.

It’s been only a short amount of time since news of her passing broke, and already there’s been a huge public outpouring of grief. Musicians, actors, writers, politicians have already taken to places like Twitter to mourn her loss. While it’s not surprising, it is moving to see how many lives Franklin touched and how big a loss hers is.

Below are just a few of the people sharing their thoughts and sadness about Franklin:

Ava DuVernay:

Tim Cook:


Carole King:

Chance The Rapper:

Diana Ross:

Hillary Clinton:

Lin-Manuel Miranda:


LeVar Burton:

Sally Field:

Bette Midler:

Michelle Obama:

Dan Rather:


Stephen King:

Lena Waithe:

Eric Holder:

Al Sharpton:

Shonda Rhimes:


Valerie Jarrett:

The list goes on… and could go on forever. RIP Aretha Franklin.

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