Top 5 Ads of the Week: Sonos rings a bell, Lego in-flight safety

EA Sports’ Madden 19 drops its annual celeb-filled epic, Walmart’s ode to motherhood, and Xbox goes full infomercial for Game Pass.

Top 5 Ads of the Week: Sonos rings a bell, Lego in-flight safety

Every time a company goes public on a major stock exchange, there’s the obligatory bell-ringing, where that firm’s executives and others who stand to make a killing on its imminent trading, stand at an elevated platform and ring the bell to open the day’s trading. This week it was Sonos’s turn on the Nasdaq, except the audio technology company branded the experience by replacing the bell itself.


This is not only an interesting audio design experiment, which will permanently replace the old bell, but also some pretty damn clever marketing. Now every time someone rings the new bell, it’ll be using a Sonos product. Ring-a-ding-ding. Onward!

Sonos “Sonos redesigns the Nasdaq Bell”

What: To mark its arrival on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, Sonos designed a brand new bell for the occasion.

Who: Sonos

Why we care: How do you create a bell sound without any bells involved? That’s what Sonos set out to do (read more about that here), but it also brands the Nasdaq’s new innovative bell a Sonos product.

Turkish Airlines “Safety video with The Lego Movie characters”

What: A new in-flight safety video that doubles as a promo for the upcoming sequel to The Lego Movie.


Who: Turkish Airlines

Why we care: The elaborate in-flight safety video is now less a gimmick than an expectation. Pioneered by Air New Zealand, it’s still a unique place to have some fun, especially as a marketer. You have a captive audience desperate for something to break the monotony of the usual skyward spiel. What better place to meet back up with the stars of The Lego Movie? Exactly. Last year, Turkish Airlines enlisted YouTuber Zack King, but this time we get a plastic brick version courtesy of the upcoming Lego sequel that took 950 days and 2,938,840 Lego bricks to make.

EA Sports “Madden 19: Make Your Play”

What: The latest celebrity-stocked promo for the 2019 edition of EA Sports’ Madden franchise.

Who: EA Sports

Why we care: Madden is such a cultural staple that celebrities and the athletes themselves are massive fans and gamers. There was Kevin Hart and Dave Franco for Madden 15, the epic action movie trailer for Madden 16, and Von Miller going full Bieber last year. Here we’ve got comedian Chris Redd (SNL) regaling Lil Dicky and Nicki Minaj with a tale of the greatest play call ever made. No new ground broken here, but an installment certainly worthy of the Madden name.


Walmart “Ode to Motherhood”

What: A new Walmart ad that may double as an effective form of birth control.

Who: Walmart Canada

Why we care: Parenthood is a magical thing. But it’s also tough, stressful, and sometimes seems like an 18-year psychiatric test marathon. Here we get a frenetic romp through one mom’s experience that, while trading in plenty of cliches, somehow manages to make it altogether charming.

Xbox “Game Pass Infomercial”

What: An infomercial style pitch for Xbox’s new subscription service.


Who: Xbox, Ayzenberg Group

Why we care: It’s like combining a Big Pharma ad with a monster truck extravaganza ad, except for video games. It’s the kind of random absurdity you just might like, whether your life seems like a series of mediocre stock videos or not. Corn on the coooooooooooooooooob.

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