Tweaking a Dictator, With a Remarkable Ad Campaign

The Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes went to a campaign aimed at memorializing Robert Mugabe’s corruption.

Robert Mugabe ad

At this year’s Cannes Lions festival–the ad industry’s most prestigeous confab–the Outdoor competition had a particularly spicy mix of competitors. But the Grand Prix winner was awesome in its simplicity. The “Trillion Dollar Campaign”–by TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris’s South African office for The Zimbabwean newspaper–was aimed at wrongs committed by Robert Mugabe’s regime. So they plastered billboards with a potent artifact of Mugabe’s corruption and incompetence: The  Zimbabwean trillion-dollar bill, whose printing was the result of spiraling inflation.


The campaign was a bit more complex than a simple promo of The Zimbabwean. The newspaper is actually based in South Africa, after Mugabe exiled its publishers for exposing the corruption of his government. He then placed a 55% import tax on it, to make it unaffordable to average citizens. So the newspaper responded by trying to build up enough of a readership base in South Africa to subsidize its distribution in its home country.

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In Cannes, the Trillion-Dollar campaign narrowly beat other another Gold Lion-winner, created by BBH/N.Y for NYC&Co and Warner Brothers, to promote a new album by Oasis. No billboards here, however. Instead, the campaign hired New York street musicians to perform unreleased tracksfrom the new album. 

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