Three Everyday Objects, Improved

Dwell, the design magazine, announces winners of its open competition to redesign a hanger, ironing board, and coffee mug.


Recently, Dwell held Innovate It!, a competition challenging all comers to redesign three everyday objects that you’d think couldn’t really be improved upon: The clothes hanger, the coffee mug and the ironing board. The entrants didn’t disappoint, and the overall winners were just announced. Here are the winning designs.


The Memory Hook by Marco Antonio Guardarrama Favela and Andres Felipe Carreño solves the pesky problem of how to hang pants without them sliding off the hanger, or getting a deep crease from those thick wooden and wire pants fasteners. Made of injection molded polypropylene–a strong, light and cheap plastic–the hanger has a slit for pants: 


The Stironie Easel by Sejal Parekh doesn’t look like much, judging by the drawing, but it rethinks the usual orientation of an ironing board. By turning the ironing surface vertical, it saves space and time–no more wasted moments expanding the board, and you can iron your clothes right where the board is being stored:


The ëfuso coffee mug by Toby R. Keeton banishes the prospect of those pesky coffee rings. Rather than an entirely new mug, the invention is a sleeve made of repurposed tire rubber. Inside the sleeve, hollow channels siphon off any coffee spilled during stirring or drinking:  


Each winner gets a cash prize of $750, and a VIP ticket to Dwell’s upcoming design conference, Dwell on Design, which commences on June 26. More information on the competition and the winners at Dwell

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Cliff was director of product innovation at Fast Company, founding editor of Co.Design, and former design editor at both Fast Company and Wired.