The Best Architecture in the ‘Star Wars’ Galaxy

The Architect’s Journal, a British publication, selects the most important buildings in a galaxy far, far away.


The six installments of the Star Wars movies are studded with fantastical architecture, which is no surprise since creator George Lucas is a huge architecture buff, and even designed his new School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. But it’s easy to forget just how much architectural range you can find in the buildings of Tatooine, Coruscant and beyond. So Architect’s Journal, the estimable British trade publication, has gathered the top ten best:


1. The Second Death Star
2. Jabba the Hutt’s palace, Tatooine
3. Jedi Temple, Coruscant
4. Coruscant, the whole thing
5. Artisanal dwellings, Tatooine
6. Echo Base, Hoth
7. Bright Tree Village, Endor
8. Sandcrawler, Tatooine
9. Senate Building, Coruscant
10. Cloud City, Bespin

Cool stuff. But what’s most interesting about AJ’s list is that they take some time to pick out interesting real-world parallels, where they exist, such as Rem Koolhaas’s Casa de Musica, in Portugal, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the sandcrawlers on Tatooine–that’s the building pictured in the small inset to the right; to the left, a hotel in Tunisia. It’s also worth noting that Koolhaas has lifted from Star Wars before: Witness his proposal for the RAK convention center in Dubai:

RAK convention center

Check out the entire list, with pictures, complete with backstory from the Star Wars universe, here. A sample:

The Ewok Village of Endor “makes use of locally sourced materials, is carbon-neutral and far exceeds Endor’s notoriously strict building regulations.” Clever Ewoks–who knew they were so progressive?

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