LEGO’s Block-Inspired Electronics Are Ready to Be Snapped Up This Fall

LEGO has teamed with electronics designer Digital Blue to create a line of LEGO-inspired consumer electronics for creative kids and nostalgic adults alike. Announced earlier this year, the final product will be available this fall, and the line includes digital cameras (1.5 megapixel), walkie talkies, MP3 players, boom boxes and alarm clocks, and USB drives constructed of iconic LEGO components–but not actual bricks that you can snap apart.

Digital Camera FRON
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Although the products are designed for kids (and priced accordingly at $20-$60), the classic LEGO look reaches back decades to the earliest incarnations of the ubiquitous toy blocks. Which begs the question: what about those of us were born before 1997? I wouldn’t mind seeing a LEGO laptop, complete with snap on Web cam, to go with my USB drive. What about it, Digital Blue? We eagerly await your reply.


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